How to Scan a Doc on HP Printer? [3 Different Methods]

It’s important to make a backup of primary documents, files and records before permanently losing them. One can save those copies on their PCs and smartphones for future reference. Apart from that, document scanning is an easy way of saving money and time, storing, placing and protecting crucial documents. There are three methods that will introduce the user to how to scan a doc on HP printer. The HP printer doc scanning follows a step-by-step process. Here, we’ve explained some of the common methods preferred by the users.

Method 1: Using the HP Smart App

The steps revolving around scanning doc with the Smart app are as follows:

  1. Commence the method by downloading and installing the HP Smart app on your separate devices.
  2. After that, place the document on the scanner glass or automatic document feeder.
HP Smart App
  1. Next, open the HP Smart app on your device and choose your printer model.
  2. Press the Scan button and tick the Get Started to proceed towards the next stage.
Scan button and tick the Get Started
  1. Following this, modify the auto-enhancement settings or scan settings to match the scan job.
How to Scan a Doc
  1. Once the auto-enhancement settings come to an end, tick the Scan button visible on the bottom right side of the screen.
  2. At the preview window, tick the Edit box to modify any desired settings on the documents.
How to Scan a Doc
  1. After completing the modification process, press the Done box appearing on the lower right side of the window.
  2. To add additional pages and re-order multi-page scans, tick the Add icon.
  3. After loading all the documents into a systematic order, click the Save icon.
How to Scan a Doc
  1. Last, choose the folder where you want to save the scanned documents.

Another method of how to scan a doc on HP printer can be read below.

Method 2: With Windows Fax & Screen Feature

This fax and screen software is already built into the Windows OS. However, to finish the process, the user needs to follow the steps below:

  1. Start the process by placing a document or photo on the scanner glass or in the automatic glass feeder.
  2. Select Start and type Windows Fax and Screen inside the Search field.
How to Scan a Doc
  1. At the new window, tick the New Scan, then the OK button and select the Change box.
  2. After that, choose your printer and press the OK box.
How to Scan a Doc
  1. Next, change the necessary scan settings to match the scan job and click the Preview button.
  2. In this case, modify the additional settings and choose the Scan box.
  3. Once the scan comes to an end, you can forward or save the scanned documents.

Without postponing any more time, let’s get to know about the third method via which one will get to know about how to scan a doc on HP printer.

Method 3: Via Web scan Chromebooks

It’s very simple to perform this method, as the user needs to have a scan-enabled printer by their side. To complete the method, the user must follow the steps available below:

  • After loading the documents on the scanner glass or automatic document feeder, check that the printer & network should be on the same network.
  • Go to the HP Smart App and access Advanced Settings (EWS). You can also type your printer IP Address into the browser address bar.
  • Depending upon the displayed Windows, enter the details to access EWS.
  • If the website security displays, tick the Continue button, and it will directly take you to the home page.
  • On the other hand, if the login page appears, then set the username and password of your choice.
  • Press the Scan option, and if the feature is disabled, tap the Settings Security Administrator Settings.
  • If prompted to visit the secure HTTPS-enabled web page, choose the OK button.
  • In case you receive the message that the connection isn’t private, select Advanced Proceed to.
  • Following this, move to Administrator Settings and tick the box located next to Web scan or Web scan from EWS.
How to Scan a Doc
  • Next, you need to choose the Apply & OK button at the same time.
  • Afterward, pay a visit to the Start Menu and open the preferences for scanning.
  • Finish the process by ticking the Start Scan button appearing on the right side of the window.
How to Scan a Doc

Summing up the blog, it can be estimated that you must’ve gotten the info about how to scan a doc on HP printer. However, it will be the user making the final decision about which method they are going to choose for the scanning process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to Scan a Doc From Chromebooks?

Answer: Learn in detail about the steps needed to be taken for scanning a doc from the Chromebooks:

  1. First, you ensure that your Chrome device is updated or not.
  2. After checking the device status, tick the Clock icon.
  3. Afterward, switch the Settings icon and choose the Advanced option.
  4. Next, tick the Scan box from the Print and Scan section.
  5. Here, you need to choose your specific printer.
  6. Now, go to More Settings to make any respective settings.
  7. At last, tick the Scan button, and the process will get started.

Question: How Do I Scan a Doc From Windows Drivers & Printers?

Answer: Read the following pointers to learn about the document scanning process:

  1. First, place the document on the ADF or scanner’s glass.
  2. After that, search for Windows Devices & Printers.
  3. On the available screen, choose your printer and select the Start Scan option.
  4. Next, make the essential changes on the Settings page.
  5. Then, tick the Preview button and click the Scan box.

Question: How Can I Download the HP Scan Program?

Answer: It’s very simple to download the HP Scan Program, although users just need to follow some steps revolving around the process. Look at the steps below:

  1. First, open HP’s official website https://123.hp.com/setup.
  2. Type your printer name inside the Search field.
  3. Then, find a specific printer & driver download page and choose your OS.
  4. You can now begin to download the scanning software in the form of a driver.

Visit: 123.hp.com/setup

        123 hp printer setup           

       Hp easy start software

       Hp printer setup

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