How To Relight Your Rheem Hot Water System

Have you ever been taken aback by an unexpectedly chilly shower? It may be a sign that your Rheem hot water system requires some maintenance. Do not be tensed! It’s not as hard as you might imagine to bring back the warmth. So, how to relight your Rheem hot water system? Continue reading to find out the detailed process.

Do All Rheem hot water systems have pilot Lights?

Relighting the pilot light is not a necessary step in the process of turning on a Rheem water heater if yours lacks one. Other ignition systems, including hot surface and spark ignition modules, are available on certain Rheem models. These aren’t flawless, but all you really need to know is that if you put one into your water heater and the water freezes, it’s likely the fault of the electricity (most likely a damaged breaker) or the module itself, and you will need to replace them.

On the front of the tank’s gas module, there is a dial and a button if your Rheem hot water pilot is equipped with one. Additionally, there is a little window on the bottom of the tank where you can see the pilot; however, it could be covered by a detachable plate. An LED that periodically blinks when the pilot is on is occasionally also present in the gas module. This LED on your water heater indicates that you need to relight the pilot if it isn’t blinking.

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How do you lighten your Rheem hot water system?


Safety First

Make safety your top priority above all else. Cut off the water heater’s gas feed. Find the shut-off valve close to the device’s base.

Locate The Pilot Light

Usually, the pilot light is hidden behind an access panel. To view the burner assembly, remove the cover.

Turn On The knob.

To turn your Rheem hot water system off, turn the knob until it is in the off position.

Turning the temperature dial

To reach the coldest temperature setting possible, turn the temperature dial counterclockwise.

Allow Gas To Dissipate

Five minutes is enough time to let any residual gas escape. Remove the door from your Rheem system, then rotate the gas knob counter-clockwise to the pilot position.

Ignite The Pilot

In addition to pressing and holding down the red button, keep pressing the piezo ignitor striker (located to the right) until the pilot light comes back on. The inner door’s window will allow you to observe the pilot light. Once the light is on, hold down the red button for sixty seconds before releasing it. For now, the pilot light will remain lit.

Return The Control Knob To The On

Reinstall the heater door after turning the gas knob to the “on” position.

Replace The Access Panel

Return the access panel to its original location with security.

Problems With The Pilot

No matter how long you turn the dial, you could discover that the pilot light on your Rheem water heater won’t stay lit. This is frequently caused by a thermocouple that has worn out. Although you can purchase a replacement thermocouple and install it on your own, the sealed combustion chamber introduces a level of complication that wasn’t there in the past.

A healthy pilot burns blue and is about an inch high; you might also observe that the pilot is feeble and glows orange. You probably need to relight it since a weak pilot won’t remain lit for very long. Often, soot or some type of pollution in the pilot tube is the cause of the issue. You might wish to hire an expert to clean the sealed chamber.


The most important thing to remember while using gas appliances is safety. If you run into any problems or the pilot light keeps going out, there may be a problem that has to be fixed by an expert. Such problems can also be avoided with routine maintenance. Make time for routine maintenance on your hot water system, clear out any dirt or dust, and look for any indications of wear or damage. By taking these precautions, you can maintain a steady and effective flow of hot water.

You can guarantee a constant supply of warm showers and a well-operating Rheem hot water system by following these instructions and keeping an eye on the condition of your system.


Why won’t the pilot light go out?

The pilot tube becomes clogged and prevents your pilot light from lighting in various situations. The gas required to light the pilot and keep it lighted is supplied by this little metal tube. Debris frequently clogs the pilot tube, which stops gas from getting to the pilot light.

Can I ignite the pilot light again on my own?

Simultaneously, press and hold the reset button to ignite the pilot again. You must use a long-stemmed lighter and hold the end very close to the pilot in order to accomplish this safely. Release the reset button after the flame catches. To make sure it stays lit, watch the pilot light on your furnace for a few minutes.

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