how to recover unsaved word document

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document: Check the Useful Methods

Losing an unsaved Word document can be frustrating, but Microsoft Word has built-in features to help you recover unsaved documents. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to recover unsaved Word document without compromising your file:


Method 1: Recovering from AutoRecover (Recent Versions of Word):


Open Microsoft Word: Launch Microsoft Word on your computer.


Click on “File”: In the top-left corner, click on the “File” tab to access the Backstage view.


Select “Info”: In the Backstage view, choose “Info” from the menu on the left.


Click on “Manage Document”: Look for the “Manage Document” section on the right-hand side of the screen and click on it.


Choose “Recover Unsaved Documents”: A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Recover Unsaved Documents.”


Locate and Open the Document: A dialog box will open, showing a list of unsaved documents. Select the document you want to recover and click “Open.”


Save the Document: Once the unsaved document is open, save it immediately to prevent further loss. Go to “File” > “Save As” and choose a location to save your document.


Method 2: Recovering from Temporary Files (Older Versions of Word):


If you’re using an older version of Microsoft Word or AutoRecover doesn’t work, you can try recovering from temporary files. Here’s how:


Open File Explorer: Use the Windows key + E shortcut to open File Explorer.


Navigate to the AutoRecover Folder: Go to the following location: C:Users<YourUsername>AppDataLocalMicrosoftOfficeUnsavedFiles. Replace <YourUsername> with your actual username.


Search for Your Document: In the UnsavedFiles folder, you should find a list of unsaved Word documents. Look for the one you want to recover.


Copy and Paste: Once you’ve located the unsaved document, copy it and paste it into a different folder on your computer. This ensures that you don’t accidentally overwrite it.


Open the Copied File: After copying the file to a safe location, double-click on it to open it in Microsoft Word.


Save the Document: As with Method 1, save the recovered document immediately to prevent further loss.


Method 3: Check Temporary Files (All Versions):


Another method to recover an unsaved Word document is by checking temporary files:


Open Word: Start Microsoft Word.


Click on “File”: Click on the “File” tab to open the Backstage view.


Select “Open”: Choose “Open” from the menu on the left.


Click on “Recover Unsaved Documents”: At the bottom of the “Open” dialog box, click on “Recover Unsaved Documents.”


Look for Your Document: A dialog box will open, displaying a list of unsaved documents. Search for your document and select it.


Open and Save: Double-click on the document to open it. Once open, save the document immediately.


Remember that the success of recovering an unsaved Word document depends on various factors, including the version of Word you’re using and your computer’s settings. It’s a good practice to regularly save your work and enable AutoRecover to minimize the risk of losing important documents in the future.

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