How to Move Roundcube Mail to Outlook 365 – A Step by Step Guide

Roundcube is a popular open-source webmail client known for its user-friendly interface and rich features. However, as businesses and individuals seek more robust email management solutions, many are considering a transition from Roundcube to Office 365 – Microsoft’s powerful cloud-based productivity suite. Migrating from Roundcube Mail to Outlook 365 offers several advantages, including enhanced collaboration, seamless integration with Microsoft’s productivity tools, and access to advanced security features. In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind the move from Roundcube to Outlook 365, discuss the manual method for migration, highlight its drawbacks, and present an automated solution – the Roundcube to Outlook 365 Tool – to ensure a smooth and efficient migration.

Reasons for Moving Roundcube Mail to Outlook 365

  • Advanced Collaboration – Outlook 365 provides an array of collaborative features, including shared calendars, real-time document co-authoring, and Microsoft Teams integration, fostering seamless teamwork and communication.
  • Unified Platform – Migrating to Outlook 365 allows users to access their emails, calendars, and files in a single unified platform, simplifying workflows and improving productivity.
  • Enhanced Productivity Features – Outlook 365 offers a wide range of productivity tools, such as intelligent email categorization, advanced search capabilities, and built-in task management, empowering users to accomplish more.
  • Top-Notch Security – Microsoft’s stringent security measures in Outlook 365, including multi-factor authentication and advanced threat protection, ensure robust data security and compliance.
  • Scalability and Flexibility – Outlook 365’s cloud-based infrastructure provides scalability and flexibility, accommodating the needs of businesses of all sizes and enabling seamless access from anywhere, anytime.

How to Move Roundcube Mail to Outlook 365 Manually

Migrating Roundcube Mail to Outlook 365 manually involves several steps, but it can be a complex and time-consuming process. Here’s a general outline of the manual method:

  • Enable IMAP in Roundcube – Enable IMAP access in your Roundcube account settings to allow Outlook 365 to connect to your Roundcube mailbox.
  • Add Roundcube Account to Outlook 365 – In Outlook 365, add your Roundcube email account as an additional account. Enter the necessary credentials and configuration settings.
  • Transfer Emails and Folders – Manually transfer your Roundcube emails and folders to Outlook 365 by copying and pasting or dragging and dropping them.
  • Export and Import Contacts and Calendar – Export your Roundcube contacts and calendar events, then import them into Outlook 365.
  • Verify Data Integrity – After the migration is complete, carefully review your Outlook 365 account to ensure all emails, contacts, and calendar data have been accurately transferred.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method:

  • Time-Consuming – The manual migration process can be time-consuming, particularly for users with a large number of emails and data in Roundcube.
  • Data Loss Risk – Human errors during the manual migration can lead to data loss or corruption, resulting in missing or inaccessible emails and attachments in Outlook 365.
  • Complexity of Email Mapping – Manually mapping Roundcube folders to Outlook 365 can be challenging, causing disorganization and difficulty in locating specific emails.
  • Limited Automation – The manual method lacks automation, making it less efficient and prone to interruptions during large-scale migrations.
  • Dependency on Technical Expertise – The manual migration requires technical expertise, and novice users may find it challenging to execute without assistance.

Automated Solution – Roundcube to Outlook 365 Tool

To overcome the challenges of the manual method, the CubexSoft Roundcube Backup Tool offers an automated and reliable solution. Lets focus on some key features of this tool –

  • Effortless Migration – The tool streamlines the migration process, allowing users to transfer their Roundcube emails to Outlook 365 with ease.
  • Data Integrity Preservation – The tool ensures that all email metadata, such as dates, sender information, and read/unread status, remains intact during the migration process, minimizing the risk of data loss or corruption.
  • Selective Migration – Users can choose specific email folders or data types to import, customizing the migration according to their preferences, using lots of filters options.
  • Batch Migration – The tool supports batch migration, enabling users to migrate multiple Roundcube accounts to Outlook 365 in a single operation, saving time and effort.
  • User-Friendly Interface – The tool features an intuitive interface, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users for seamless migration.


Migrating Roundcube Mail to Outlook 365 offers numerous benefits, including advanced collaboration, productivity features, and top-notch security. While the manual method is an option, its drawbacks, such as time consumption and data loss risk, make it less appealing for complex migrations. The Roundcube Email Backup Tool provides a reliable and user-friendly automated solution, ensuring a seamless transition to Outlook 365 while preserving data integrity. With its efficient tool, users can confidently manage their emails in Outlook 365, experiencing enhanced productivity and seamless integration with Microsoft’s productivity suite. Embrace the power of Outlook 365 and make your email management a breeze with Roundcube to Outlook 365 Tool.

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