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How to Make Pet Reservations in Alaska Airlines: A Comprehensive Guide

Traveling with pets can be a heartwarming experience, but it requires careful planning and consideration of airline policies. If you’re considering flying with Alaska Airlines and bringing your furry friend along, it’s essential to understand the process of making pet reservations. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to make pet reservations in Alaska Airlines, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey for you and your beloved pet.

Pet Travel Fees and Guidelines

Before making pet reservations, it’s crucial to be aware of the pet travel fees and guidelines set by Alaska Airlines:

  1. Pet Travel Fees:

Alaska Airlines charges pet travel fees of $100 and $150 each way, per kennel or carrier, for pets traveling in the cabin or baggage compartment. These fees are applicable for Alaska Airlines flights only and are in USD/CAD [[1](]. If your travel itinerary includes flights with another airline, additional fees from the other airline may apply. However, it’s important to note that trained service animals travel for free and are exempt from these fees.

  1. Collection of Fees:

Pet travel fees will be collected at the airport during check-in. It’s important to arrive early to allow sufficient time for the check-in process, including payment of the pet travel fees.

  1. Availability and Restrictions:

Space for pets traveling in the cabin or baggage compartment is subject to availability. Pets traveling in the baggage compartment may be subject to breed restrictions, travel date embargoes, and fleet restrictions. It’s advisable to check with Alaska Airlines for any specific guidelines related to your pet’s breed and travel date.

Making Pet Reservations with Alaska Airlines

Follow these steps to make pet reservations with Alaska Airlines:

Step 1: Review Pet Policy:

Before making any reservations, thoroughly review Alaska Airlines’ pet policy on their official website [[1](]. Familiarize yourself with the fees, guidelines, and restrictions to ensure a smooth process.

Step 2: Contact Alaska Airlines:

Once you’re ready to make pet reservations, contact Alaska Airlines directly through their customer service. Inform them about your intention to travel with a pet and provide details such as the pet’s size, breed, and travel date.

Step 3: Check Availability:

Since space for pets is subject to availability, it’s recommended to check with Alaska Airlines in advance to ensure there is room for your pet on the desired flight.

Step 4: Prepare Pet Carrier:

Ensure your pet’s carrier or kennel meets the airline’s requirements for size, ventilation, and security. Proper preparation of the carrier is essential for your pet’s safety and comfort during the journey.

Section 3: Additional Considerations

Here are some additional considerations to keep in mind when traveling with pets on Alaska Airlines:

  1. Health and Vaccinations: Ensure your pet is in good health and up-to-date with all required vaccinations before travel. Some destinations may have specific health requirements for pets.
  1. Pet Comfort: Make your pet’s journey comfortable by including familiar items like toys or bedding in their carrier. Familiar scents can help reduce stress during the flight.
  1. Check-in Early: Arrive at the airport early to complete the check-in process and provide ample time for your pet’s travel preparations.


Traveling with pets on Alaska Airlines can be a rewarding experience, and making pet reservations doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding the pet travel fees, guidelines, and preparation steps, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for your furry companion. Remember to check with Alaska Airlines for specific restrictions and availability, and plan ahead to make your trip with your pet a memorable one.

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