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How to Make Data Secure and Reliable? Tips to Keep Data Safe

How to make data secure and reliable?

Data security plays an important role in today’s world. As, we have entered in the top most technical arena, where organizations want to keep their data safe for multiple reasons. In the coming section of post, you will explore the best ways to keep data secure & reliable using the best solutions. Also, you will learn about the recent data breaches & how to keep your data safe from hackers.

If you want to continue in your business, data security should be the top priority of every business and individuals. To make your data safe you need to stay on guard. You have to reach to your data endpoint to find out the loop hole and patch it up. Cyber risk is increasing every day and the hackers are always targeting to the large businesses, small businesses and even individuals. In addition, they capture your data with the motive of financial loss they want to harm you financially and according to Verizon breach report 71% hackers motive is to harm victim financially.

So to prevent yourself from cyberattacks you have to keep your data secure and reliable, you should have different measures to make your data protected.

There can be any kind of data that you need to protect whether it is your company data or your personal data. Information like your bank information, debit card and credit card or your company information.


How to Keep Data Safe & Secure? Tips to Recognize External Threats!

You have to look after your data with a deep and high accuracy find out the sources where your data is shared and recognize in a manner that can help you to protect your data. Dig out more about where your data is shared and where it exists find out the loop holes to patch them.

These are the threats for your data security

Types of cyber threats

  1. Phishing – Phishing is an email type of threat when a hacker sent you an email with infected code. When you open the link your system gets hacked or your data is being hacked without knowing you.
  2. Ransomware – Ransomware is a cyberattack and when you are targeted your login access get denied and the hacker ask for ransom/money. Their main intent is to steal your data and harm you financially.
  3. Malware – Malware is a software threat and you get infected when you download any software or harmful file which contains malware code, its causes heavy damage to your system. It performs malicious actions and considered as one of the most effected cyber threat.
  4. Denial of service attack – DDoS It is a type of cyberattack where the hacker sent a large number of traffic to your website and make its server hacked.
  5. Man in the middle attack – it is a cyberattack where the attacker comes between the two parties’ communication and interrupt their communication without knowing them.

These are some best methods to protect your data

  1. Monitor your data usage

Monitor your data usage – when you allow someone to usage your data the system should be encrypted with password. If there is any kind of vulnerability on your system, it should get automatic locked. This will save you from attack and keep your data secure and reliable.

  1. Find out data sensitivity

Do a further classification of your data and find out sensitive data to protect data effectively

  1. Encryptions

Data encryption is a form where data is being translated from one form to another to protect it from hackers. In encryption format data is converted from plaintext to cipher text. A user can encrypt data with an encryption key and it can be decrypted with a decrypted key. It helps you to make your data secure from attackers.

  1. Access control

To make your data secure you need to maintain access control. Keep a check on your data access monitoring it is very important it allow you to maintain your data securely. Data access control is used to regulated employees access to files.

  1. Data backup

Regular data backup is very important to make sure that your data is protected, by any mistake if your data is leaked or attacked by hackers or damaged then you can easily restore it. Creating copy of your data gives you surety of your data protection and help organization for quick data recovery and reduce the downtime also. Organizations are using cloud based storage, titan files to keep their data secure there. Use pattern of 3-2-1 to back up your data where you store your data at 3 different locations.

  1. Beware of suspicious emails

Email threat is a way of damaging or stealing your data through email. Under this practice attackers attack you through email where the email contains a threat link and when someone open the links their device gets hacked. Email security is the way of protecting your email accounts from unauthorized access. To make sure your data is protected you should use a strong password and two factor authentication, block spam emails, do not link on links from unknown email, use email security solutions etc.

  1. Network security

Network security refers to measures used to protect your data which is stored on your system network from unauthorized access, damage or theft. Network security makes your data safe and reliable network security can be implemented by using firewalls to block unauthorized access or Intrusion detective system can be implemented to make your data protected. To manage your network security, you need to have a high skilled IT team because managing your network security is not easy to manage.

  1. Protect passwords

Always use passwords with some difficulties, make sure to use different passwords on your devices like laptops, mobile phones, applications etc. to make your personal information secured. These passwords should be difficult to guess and use different words to make them secure.

Use two factor authentications to make sure that attacker cannot access your data and you get an alert. Make sure to get an authentic code before login to your account.

  1. Separate database server

Use a secured and separate data based where you have complete access, using a separate data base helps you to make your data secure and reliable. Using a shared database increase chance of cyberattacks, suppose you are hosting your website and on the same server your information is saved then there is more chance that attacker can hack your website. They can access your data although you are using hosting security methods.

Netforchoice – best option to make your data secure and reliable

If you want to make your safe and reliable there are many security solutions providers in the market. Who help you to make your data secure and keep backups and quick restore. Netforchoice Cloud Storage Solution is among one of those who gives you best security solutions within India and keep your data secure by providing you best tier 4 data server, Network operation room, Security operation room, Daily data backup etc.

Here are some security features of Netforchoice

  1. Secure file sharing

Netforchoice allow you to share file securely without any restriction here you can share file of any size. Netforchoice provides with features with file tracking you can track your file easily and can share file with an expiry link.

  1. Tier 4 servers

Netforchoice provides you tier 3 and tier 4 servers in India to make your data safe and secure. Hosting a business in Netforchoice boosts up your business speed with uptime 99.995%. Netforchoice dedicated IT Team keep eye on your data 24*7 365 days.

  1. High speed with 99.995% uptime

Netforchoice data server gives you high speed with uptime 99.995%

  1. High data protection security

They have high data protection services with 8 layers of protection and tier 4 data server with SOC and NOC services

  1. 24*7 support services

They have skilled and highly trained support team who serve 24*7 365 days

Conclusion – Data security is an important part of every organization and to manage your data you need to have a IT team who can manage your Data securely.

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