How to Make Christmas Ornaments With Cricut? [Beginner’s Guide]

Since the holiday season has officially arrived, it’s the perfect time to learn how to make Christmas ornaments with Cricut. I have been creating crafts with my kids during holidays since they were little. As time goes on, I find projects that will make them excited to work with me. They found my Cricut machine quite impressive, so I came up with projects I could create with my machine.

The possibilities for decorating a home with Cricut Christmas items are endless. Besides, making handmade projects adds a personal touch to the festival. This year, I decided to take things a step up and share my crafting experience with you. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to create Christmas ornaments with Cricut.

Step 1: Cricut App Login and Create a Design

Initiate how to make Christmas ornaments with Cricut by downloading and installing Design Space. After getting the app, I will sign in or create my account using my login credentials.

Alt Text: The Cricut app sign-in window

At the Design Space canvas, I will tap the Upload tool and then select the images given under the Recently Uploads folder. Next, press the Insert Images option appearing at the bottom left-hand side.

Alt Text: Select images from the Recently Uploads section

After getting the images on the canvas, I am going to decrease the image sizes and choose Circle from the Shapes panel. Now, I will change the circle color to white and change its size as per my preference. Afterward, I will right-click and hit Send to Back and insert each of the images inside the circle. Following this, I will change the color of the images from the Color toolbar.

Alt Text: Change a text color from the Color toolbar

Under the Layers panel, I am going to attach each of the layers by selecting the Attach option. After connecting all the layers, I will press the Make It and will proceed towards the next step.

Step 2: Cut Christmas Ornaments Design

After designing your Cricut Christmas ornaments on the app, I will press the Without Mat option. During the how to make Christmas ornaments with Cricut, I will hit the Popular and then choose Smart Vinyl-Shimmer material.

Alt Text: Choose base material for making Xmas ornaments

Now, I am going to unbox the material and add a roll holder to the machine. After doing that, I will insert the material inside it and press the blinking row. The machine will instantly start cutting the Smart Vinyl-Shimmer.

Alt Text: Add the roll holder and load material into your Cricut machine

Step 3: Weed Out Your Design & Apply the Transfer Tape

With the successful completion of the material-cutting process, I will use my weeding tool and remove the extra vinyl from the design. Following this, I will slowly weed the design so that I don’t lose any pieces.

Alt Text: Gently remove the extra material from your design

Next, I clean both sides of my ornament blank with rubbing alcohol. After doing this, I will paint the blank using gold and red color. Here, I will leave a space on the top and bottom of the blank.

Alt Text: Clean the blank and paint it with the color of your choice

Next, I will unwrap the Cricut transfer tape and place it on the top of my design. For proper proportion, I take the scraper tool and brush it over the front and back of the design. After that, I will gently remove the transfer tape and place it on the ornament using the scraper tool.

Alt Text: Place the design on the ornament blank using the scraper tool

Step 4: Assemble Items and Enjoy

At the last stage of how to make Christmas ornaments with Cricut, I am going to cut four pieces of ribbon in equal proportion. Now, I will add the ribbon to the blank, tie a proper knot on the top, and hang it on my Christmas tree.

Alt Text: Cricut Christmas ornaments for Xmas tree

As a result of this blog, I am 100% sure that these customized projects will make my children discover their actual talents. Other than that, they will also help in letting me know about the buyer’s expectations and how I can fulfill them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which Cricut Accessories Do I Need to Design Christmas Ornaments in 2023?

Answer: To design the Xmas ornaments 2023, all the crafters need to buy some essential supplies. Those accessories will help you to mold the craft as per their choice. Have a look at the list of supplies below:

● Cricut machine

● Cricut cutting mat

● Design Space

● Materials

● Transfer tape

● Ribbon

● Weeding tool

● Scraper tool

● Ornament blank

● Cricut roll holder

● Acrylic paint

● Ribbon

● Paint brushes

Question: How Can I Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments With My Cricut Machine?

Answer: To create personalized ornaments that you hang on your Xmas tree, read the below steps:

  1. First, log in to your Design Space and start your design on the canvas.
  2. After that, choose the material and then load it into the machine.
  3. Once the cutting process comes to an end, start weeding out the design.
  4. Next, use a transfer tape to stick the design on the blank.
  5. Following this, remove the tape and tie a ribbon knot on the ornament.

Question: Which Christmas Ornaments Can I Make With My Cricut?

Answer: The DIYer can create numerous types of Christmas ornaments for this festive season out of their Cricut machine. Have a look at some of the famous crafts below:

● Wood slice

● Christmas Gnomes gift tags

● Buffalo checks Xmas ornaments

● Painted glass

● Glitter peppermint

● Wooden house decor

● Flannel Christmas tree

● 3D glitter paper ornaments

● Gingerbread house ornaments

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