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How to Increase Social Media Engagement?

Social media is strengthening by the day. With nearly 5 billion users in 2023, the number of social media users is projected to reach about 6 billion in the next three to four years. Furthermore, people spending close to 2.5 hours every day on various social media platforms is undoubtedly a noteworthy and crucial statistic.

Given these statistics and the exposure social media gives, today, almost every business is on social media and attempting to engage with users to foster business growth. However, while you’d find millions of business pages on social media, businesses genuinely engaging with their target audience are only a few. Now, the question is why do the latter succeed and the rest struggle to grow their social media prominence.

The reason is the engagement tactics they employ.

If you also have a social media page and want to drive business through remarkable user engagement, here are some Social Media Marketing (SMM) marketing tips to do it.

Six SMM Marketing Tips to Amplify Your Social Media Impact and Engagement

Increasing engagement on social media takes time and requires consistency. But it is by no means rocket science! Remember, what matters is users and delivering what they want. If you do what’s relevant and appealing to your users, you’ve won half the battle. The latter half could be fought by partnering with a social media marketing company. So, here are six tips to help you enhance your social media engagement and graduate to a more successful league.

  1. Content! Content! Content!

Social media revolves around content. So, the content deserves most of your attention.

While it is obvious that we’d ask you to create engaging content, doing so could be pretty challenging. Some ways to do it is to know what’s trending and seek inspiration from direct and indirect competitors and sometimes popular pages from different industries.

The idea is to deliver content that’s relevant, informative, value-driven and the one that catches the user’s attention amidst the thousands of fees they scroll through every day.

Your social media marketing company will put its copywriters and content creators to work to create immersive content for your brand. Leverage their talent optimally to serve the purpose and give your brand the traction it needs.

Besides, do not stick to a particular type of content. Keep giving your users something new to engage with. It could include creating a combination of text, infographic and video content as and how applicable. Users love when they see some variety. Do what they adore to receive the expected response from them.



  1. Posting Schedule and Strategy

Refrain from posting content at any time of the day or as and when it is ready. Your social media planning agency in Durban can help you identify the best strategic posting times on various social media platforms and help you adhere to them.

Content posted across various strategic times stands a better chance of engagement. You can use social media analytics to determine the best posting time and when are users from your target audience group online and for how long. That can help you know the posting time and upload content to achieve a better and higher response.

  1. Invest in Superior Visuals

Just like you, there are so many others on various social media platforms posting something and attempting to augment engagement. So, apart from superior content, what can positively contribute to your social media engagement?

One of many elements is premium-quality visuals. People like looking at high-quality visuals that leave a lasting impression. Remember, impressions matter and help create an optimistic perception about a particular brand.

  1. Go Live!

Going live on social media platforms is another effective way of increasing audience engagement. Per reports, 80-85 per cent of social media users prefer watching live streams rather than standard media posts. Besides, about 30-35 per cent of markets worldwide leverage the engagement potential of live streams to widen their brand’s outreach. So, invest time and effort in telecasting live streams. Talk about them through your social media postings and emphasize the value the stream will contribute.

  1. Consider Hashtags a Strategy

Hashtags might seem insignificant considering everything else you do on social media. But hashtags have become important. They are an excellent way of increasing visibility, as they help you categorise your posts into topics users can look for.

Using relevant and strategic hashtags can help your content be seen by many users interested in the respective topic. The result is a much better engagement than that gained with incompetent hashtags or without them. But ensure you do not create excessively generic hashtags as that might affect your engagement, considering the tons of data and feed generated on social media. Try to be creative and unique to catch attention and be found when searched for. Your SMM marketing company can help you in this regard.

  1. Respond to Your Followers

You’ve built a follower base with extensive and consistent efforts. Your followers also follow and respond to every post you create. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to express gratitude by responding to bouquets and brickbats, questions and concerns from your followers. Responding in time can initiate meaningful and productive conversations. You can also earn a point or two on the reputation front with such a positive gesture.

Final Words

Of course, there’s so much more to do. Social media is an evolving space. So, you will always have something more to explore and try what’s relevant for your brand. Your social media marketing company will do every possible and ethical to bring and keep you in a positive light. But being actively engaged with the company can help you collaboratively explore much more than either of you doing it alone.

FABTARY’s, experts for social media planning in Durban can help you proliferate your presence, broaden your outreach and improve engagement over different social media platforms. The company’s expertise across platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and so many others can help you create and maintain engagement and potentially drive qualified leads to your website.

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