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How to get followers on instagram in 2023

Getting followers on Instagram seems like a good idea. But it only seems. Young accounts should carefully use all methods of cheating, as it is easiest for them to earn a ban. Below we will consider how to get followers on Instagram using free and paid services and methods, why this is necessary and what are the limitations. 

Services for free promotion of Instagram followers

You can get your first thousand followers on Instagram using free programs. There are three popular services.


The most popular site that works on the principle of the exchange. You need to complete tasks – subscribe, like or leave a comment. For this, points are awarded that can be spent on attracting followers. But points can also be bought for money if there is no desire to spend time on tasks.

How to get followers on Instagram

Instagram’s ranking algorithm takes into account likes, comments, and shares. This means that the audience must be alive, which is quite difficult to attract by cheating. 

We will tell you the ways that will help you get interested subscribers, but briefly. This topic needs a separate article. 

Targeted advertising

An effective but expensive way. But if you set up your ads correctly, you can attract a really active audience that will increase the level of interaction, as well as make purchases. The effectiveness will depend on the quality of the content and the settings of the advertising campaign.


Blogger advertising is just as effective, but it can be expensive and even very expensive. In addition, there is a chance to run into an unscrupulous person. For example, he may not release a post at the appointed time, write a weak promotional text, or, if you gave him the text, use it to advertise another profile. Read about the nuances of influencer marketing in this article .

Promotions, contests

Not the most effective strategy, as such promotions attract the attention of “prizes”. A significant part will unsubscribe, but a part will remain.


You can negotiate with novice bloggers about mutual mention. So you can exchange an audience for free.

Viral content

This method is without any guarantees, since not every content will become a virus. You need to come up with something really useful, interesting or funny to make it go away. But if it shoots, the recoil will be amazing. Expand your content on different platform, facebook best point for your boosting business online. buy facebook likes with loyal customer and represent your business in front of potential customers.

Leaving comments

We wrote about it above. Useful answers in a promoted profile allow you to create the image of an expert and collect people for free. Do not miss the opportunity to leave a comment under your post if you have been asked a question or shared an opinion. This method can be used constantly, but, of course, it will take time.

Among the white methods of promotion, one cannot say which is better. Different niches have different methods. You can try them all to choose a working one.


So, cheating followers on Instagram in 2023 cannot be called a safe and effective way to promote your account. It will be most useful for bloggers who do not need to sell anything. For commercial profiles, the quality of followers is important, and cheating at first will only help make the acc not so sad. 

When resorting to cheating, remember:

  • Choose your program carefully. Unscrupulous services will lead to loss of money and a ban.
  • Do not try to reach a large audience as quickly as possible. Remember about the limits: less is better, but stable and safe.
  • Regularly post interesting target audience content. If the posts are rarely published, they will be of poor quality and / or without a normal photo, live people will not be attracted. Remember about delayed posting services.
  • From time to time, clean your account from inactive followers, but follow the limits – remove 50-100 inactive people per day.

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