How To Fix Curtain Rod on Wall?

Curtains are a simple and budget-friendly investment that makes a place look appealing and functional. Let’s understand how to fix the curtain rod on the wall.

Curtains are beautiful, useful, and useful. It can be hard to put up curtain rod clips, but the result is worth it. To achieve maximum results, you must know how to fix a curtain rod on the wall.

Before fixing it, it is important to understand the curtain rods.

A curtain rod is a thin horizontal pole on which you hang drapes and curtains after they are put up. There are different kinds of curtain rods and drapes to fit different budgets for home improvements that look good as well.

For instance, some curtain designs might have holes near the top of the curtain where the rod can go. Curtain hooks or curtain rings are used to connect other types of drapes to the rod.

The Right Time to Connect Curtain Rods

It’s sometimes a personal choice to hang curtains without making holes in them, and other times it’s necessary. Without nails, plasterboard supports, or screws, you might not be able to fix curtain rods on the wall in the following situations:

Less Space Around the Window Frame

You might need to put the curtain rod inside the window frame. Instead, it would be best if the hardware would go past the window frame on either side of the window.

There are times when you can hang the curtain rod from the ceiling, just above the window. If your windows are in awkward positions or are big in the living room, you can’t use window treatments. You might be best off making your curtains for privacy or light control.

Installing Lightweight Curtains

You might be able to secure your drapes with a less active method if you are not putting up heavy curtains, blackout curtains, or thick decorative curtains.

Different kinds of curtains and valances are light enough to be attached with tension rods or sticky strips instead of a drill.

Unable to Drill Curtains Rod Brackets

If you rent, your owner might get mad if you make even small holes in the plasterboard to fix curtain rod on wall. Then you might want to use choices that won’t damage anything, like:

  • Adhesive strips
  • Removable adhesive hooks, or
  • Unrestrictive rod designs

If your building doesn’t have plasterboard but instead uses shiplap and plaster, it might be easier to hang a curtain from hooks in the ceiling.

How to Fix Curtain Rod on Wall without Drilling?

There are a total of three methods of fixing curtain rods without drilling. Let’s explore each one.

Using Adhesive Hooks

You can buy adhesive hooks and strips in a range of sizes and strengths to use for holding things. Each hook has a binding power of four to twenty pounds.

Renters can also hang curtains and other things with sticky hooks, which make them easy to take down and won’t damage the wall. The elastic substance will come off the surface when you pull on the bottom of the sticky strip.

Using Magnetic Curtain Rods

If you are still wondering about the method of how to fix curtain rod on wall without drilling, then read ahead.

You can only use this method if you are putting something on a metal door or window frame. For the magnetic link to start, these metal frames must have ferrous metals with iron in them.

Most magnetic rods are made for light curtains, but you can pay more for stronger magnets if you want to hang heavy curtains.

Using Tension Rods Curtain Inside Frames

A lot of people like this style of shower curtain rod that doesn’t have a rod pocket. You can fix curtain rod on wall by hanging different curtain panels for each window using the same steps.

Get a tape measure and measure the length of the curtain. Then, set the tension rod to the right height. Make sure the rod is straight and level so that it touches the frame straight on.

When you twist the rod to make it longer, each end will press on the inside of the window frame without hurting it. Twenty to forty pounds of weight are easily hung from the tension rod design.

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