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How to Find JetBlue fare class Codes

As you can see, not all travelers are searching for the best deal, and spending a little more for a premium economy ticket might result in additional perks like increased baggage allowance or air miles.

On a recent TAP Portugal trip from Miami to Lisbon, a buddy made this discovery. He had one luggage allotted to him on an economy ticket, but he needed to bring two. This implied that he would have to pay for the second luggage if he was traveling in economy. There was two suitcase allowance and additional flying miles in premium economy. But the decision was easy because upgrading to premium economy would have cost the same as paying for the extra luggage.

Jet Blue Code

Each code is alphanumeric

A single letter code is used to identify each of the aforementioned fare classes:

Y = A ticket for economy class at full price

W= A premium economy class ticket purchased in full.

J= A business class ticket at full price

F= A first-class ticket with full fee

Other letters can also be used to indicate cheaper rates for the same class. You will notice a number, ranging from zero to nine, after the letter. For instance, if the ticket you have states J2, there are still two business class seats available for your travel. There are more than nine seats available in your class of service, as nine is the maximum number that may be used. This would apply to Y9 in economy class, for instance.

Blue Basic

As Blue Basic In addition to enjoying all of JetBlue’s usual perks, such as cozy seats and complimentary WiFi, passengers on the airline also have the bonus of no change or cancellation costs. Therefore, if you decide to change or cancel your reservation within the specified time frame, there won’t be any penalties. If you travel from or to London, you may also benefit from JetBlue’s free checked bag policy. Are economics and blue basic the same thing? No, I reply. The airline offers more expensive prices as well as less expensive Blue Basic rates. The cost also includes Economy travel on JetBlue at the regular rate.

JetBlue Fare Classes

There is still availability for the fare classes that have a number next to them; those that have a zero do not. There are at least seven seats remaining in most economy-class fare buckets, but none remaining in fare classes F, A, R, I, W, P, G, N, Q, and O. The number after the letter indicates how many tickets are left in each fare; Expert Flyer maxes out at seven for AA.

These price classes correspond to the following service classes on the Boeing 777-300ER that American Airlines uses for this route:

Economy: Y, H, K; M; L; N; Q, O, and E, G, V, S,

F and A: superior quality

Class C, J; D, and I,R business

W and P: high-end economics

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