How to Delete Multiple Files on Mac with CubexSoft Data Wipe for Mac?

Looking for a solution on how to delete multiple files on Mac/Apple computer? Here you will get the perfect and trustworthy solution to permanently erase all data from MacBook pro.

“For my official work, I borrow a MacBook Pro from one of my friends. I’ll undoubtedly remove all the info once I’ve finished my work. However, I want the MacBook to permanently delete all of my files.

Find the most effective and reliable way to delete all files from the MacBook Pro and other Mac computers. We frequently clean up Mac files and folders because we have a restricted amount of storage space. We frequently transfer files or folders to the trash, and the final step is to empty the trash. Is this it? Expert opinion says “no.”

Even after emptying the trash folder, all deleted files can be recovered using any of the recovery solutions that are currently on the market. A zero-filling or data replacement method is best if you want to permanently delete all of the Mac files and folders.

Erase Multiple Files/Folders on Mac OS with Professional Tools

CubexSoft Data Wipe for Mac is the software for you if you are certain that you want to permanently delete files. It is a safe way to delete files from Mac OS machines including the Mini Mac, MacBook, and iMac. Within the tool itself, remove unnecessary files and directories using the advanced wiping techniques. The application can be used to complete the entire process without the need for an outside procedure.

Steps to Delete Multiple Files on Mac OS

Download and install the software on Macintosh OS editions. Then follow the steps carefully to delete multiple files on Mac:

Step 1. To upload your desired files or folders to the software, select Add > Add File(s) or Add Folder(s). (Select the files carefully to make it impossible to recover a deleted file.) Pressing the Next button.

Step 2. The tool will open a new tab with all of the fully scanned folders and subfolders. Check the box next to the necessary folders, then click the Next button to continue.

Step 3. To choose a method, click Select Wipe Method and select one from the drop-down menu.

Step 4. With the use of Date Range, File Mask, and Overwrite Data Text, you can delete specific files using the Filter option. Finally, click the Wipe button to start Mac OS’s deletion procedure.

Wipe All Files using Demo or Pro Version

To remove files and folders from Macintosh OS, we have created a free trial version. according to the user’s request, delete 5 files that are smaller than 5 MB in size without any limitations. You can easily wipe the data files using any of the tool’s methods. In order to delete files permanently after evaluating the application, upgrade to the version with advanced capabilities.

Why Prefer CubexSoft Data Wipe for Mac Software?

This part will go over the special qualities and characteristics of the tool that will force you to use it:

  • Mac File/Folder Mass Deletion: Using this tool, you can delete numerous Mac files or folders at once. Immediately delete several files at once. Select any technique to delete the data files in bulk.
  • Choose the preferred subfolder: Within minutes of adding the desired folders and files to the software panel, the Files window will show all of the files and subfolders. Users can select the folders using the check box, to be clear.
  • Filters Option: To delete several files on a Mac in a selective manner, use this feature’s filter option. Date Range, Overwrite Data Text, and File Mask are the settings for the filter.


Above all, we have deleted files or folders from our Apple computers using a variety of techniques. The most popular and established techniques include various shortcut keys, delete quickly options, etc. But it’s simple to restore those files. As a result, we have developed a flexible solution for our users. Permanently delete several files on Mac OS without any effort.

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