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How to Choose a seat with WestJet seat selection?

Westjet Airlines is famous for its excellent services to various national and international destinations. It is also widely known for its passenger’s convenience and comfort. To provide passengers with the most convenience, we provide multiple services, making it easy for all travellers to travel easily. One of those services is WestJet Seat Selection

If you are traveling with WestJet Airlines or have booked your ticket with WestJet Airlines, and you are worried about seat choice, if we provide seat choice service or not? Stay calm, as you can choose your seat WestJet Seat Selection during or after your booking.

You can select your seat during booking or check-in with WestJet Airlines; you have both options available you can choose as you prefer. You must follow the WestJet Seat Selection Policy to select or change your seat selection. 

WestJet Seat Selection Policy 

Before changing or selecting a seat, consider the Westjet seat selection policy.  

  • According to the Westjet seat selection policy, you can only upgrade your seat from one class to the upper class. You cannot reschedule from business class to economy class. 
  • If a passenger selects the seat while booking, there is a higher chance they will get the preferred seat as more seats are available then.  
  • WestJet Seat Selection during online check-in only depends on the availability of the seats. 
  • The WestJet Seat Selection is only allowed from 24 hrs to 2 hrs before the departure of domestic flights, And 24 hours to 3 hours before the departure of international flights. 
  • In the WestJet Seat Selection, you need to rebook your flight if you want to select from one class to another. 

How to choose a seat with WestJet Seat Selection? 

If you are flying with Westjet and must know how to choose seats with WestJet Seat Selection, follow the procedure to get your desired seats.

  • To choose a seat while booking, visit the official website of Westside Airlines. 
  • Select the Manage Trip option available on the homepage.
  • Click on Manage Flights option
  • Log in to your account and get the flight details. 
  • Then click on the Seat Selection option 
  • There you will see a seat map of the available seat
  • Lastly, follow the instructions and complete your seat selection process.

How much does the WestJet Seat Selection Fee cost?

If you want to change your seat or select your preferred seat, consider how much it will cost. Let me tell you. 

Passengers can choose their preferred seat while checking in if they haven’t picked one while booking their flight. The WestJet Seat Selection Fee may vary depending on the seat category you would choose.  

  • For the standard seat selection, its fare cost ranges from USD 3.85 to 85.
  • For the basic class seat selection, its fare cost ranges from USD 3.85 to 90.
  • For the economy class seat selection, its fare cost ranges from USD 3.85 to 46.

How to get a free upgrade in WestJet Seat Selection?

  • Westjet Airlines provides free-of-charge upgrades to passengers who have bought Gold, Silver, Econoflex or Premium class tickets.
  • Passengers who have platinum membership are eligible to purchase Econo fares. 

If you face any issues while booking and checking in for WestJet Seat Selection, you should contact WestJet travel care for an easy solution. They will assist you immediately, and they are available all the time for your assistance. 


  1. How to Choose a seat with WestJet seat selection?

To Choose your seat while booking with WestJet Airlines, visit manage trips on the WestJet airline’s official website. After that, follow the instructions to confirm your seat. 

  • Does WestJet charge extra fees for seat selection?

If you select the seat within 24 hours of booking, WestJet does not charge additional fees. WestJet seat selection fees vary depending on the category of flight and ticket. 

  • How to get a free upgrade in WestJet seat selection?

If you have a platinum membership or travel in gold, silver, econoflex, or premium class, you will get a free upgrade in your seat selection. 

  • Is the Westjet seat selection refundable?

In WestJet Airlines, seat selection charges are not refundable until the day of planned departure. Paid seats are non-refundable.

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