How to Change Your United Airlines Flight Hassle-Free

Planned plans can take days, yet their execution takes only minutes. When something unexpected comes up that requires changing flights unexpectedly, United Airlines provides its customers with a seamless change policy compared to any other airline’s policy; theirs is far less burdensome and complex.

If you need to make last-minute modifications, visit this page for all the pertinent United Change flight details.

What Is United Airlines’ Change Flight Policy?

United Airlines allows its passengers to change or reschedule flights when something unexpected arises that necessitates such modifications, with fees depending on your fare type if your original was more costly than your replacement flight; otherwise, you must cover any differences.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy Guidelines.

Before booking a United flight change, there are certain key considerations you must keep in mind:

  • Within 24 hours of purchase, passengers may rebook a flight ticket without incurring a change fee.
  • If your itinerary includes travel within the USA and Canada, no flight change fees are applied; however, this does not apply for basic fare tickets.
  • Travel credits remain valid for up to one year from their issue date.
  • Passengers may switch flights multiple times as desired if they pay any fare differences each time.
  • If your plans remain unclear, opt for a travel credit instead of booking new flights.
  • Under United’s Flight Change policy, any time your new flight costs less, any difference will be applied as future credit towards future airfare purchases from them.
  • Suppose a passenger travels on an Economy Class or Premium Economy Award Ticket from within the USA. In that case, no United change fee or standby fees apply if changing to an earlier flight that same day.
  • Members of MileagePlus can reserve seats on earlier flights for free.
  • If the travel credit has been assigned through a travel agency, you should utilize it through that agency only. Flight change charges may apply when booking group flights through an airline’s group desk.
  • If your name was written incorrectly on your United Airlines ticket, it can be altered through their system.

United Airlines 24-hour Flight Change Policy.

Under the 24-Hour Flight Change Policy, passengers may change their reservations within 24 hours – for instance, changing time, origin or destination details, or travel day details. Here are a few key considerations before altering any reservation:

Flight tickets issued by United Airlines must be changed.

United will waive its change fee if flight modifications are requested within 24 hours after purchase. However, fare differences may apply.

Basic economy tickets do not fall under these terms and conditions.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy for Different Fares

United Airlines boasts one of the world’s largest global route networks and provides numerous attractive services for regular and new passengers. United offers three fares: Basic Economy Fare, Non-refundable Fare, and Refundable Fares to suit travel preferences and needs.

United Airlines flight change policies differ for different fares and MileagePlus Award Tickets. To better explain how flight modifications work for specific United fares, please follow these guidelines:

United Flight Change Policy for Basic Economy Tickets

Passengers traveling on basic economy tickets cannot change their flight, even up to 24 hours post-booking. Therefore, the most expedient solution would be for them to cancel (freely) within this 24-hour window and purchase new tickets instead.

United Airlines offers one-way domestic change fees starting from USD 49.50, while international flight changes would cost an extra fee of USD 99.50. If opting for credit, their change fee starts from USD 99.50 for every flight segment you travel on a one-way domestic flight & USD 99.50 on international routes.

United Airlines Offer Change Flight Service For Non-Refundable Tickets

United’s change flight policy permits holders of non-refundable tickets to change them without incurring fees; however, any fare differences must still be paid as per United’s change flight policy for existing flights.

United Airlines charges an administration fee for same-day flight changes requiring change fees; please see their fee schedule here for details.

  • USD 75 will cover both general and silver-tier membership fees.
  • Gold, Platinum, or 1K membership membership is free of cost.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy for Refundable Tickets

United Airlines does not charge a change fee when rescheduling flights with refundable tickets; however, if switching to an expensive ticket, the fare difference must be paid as per law and regulation. Conversely, if your new flight is cheaper, the fare difference could either be returned to your original method of payment or converted into an e-credit for future uses, depending on the eligibility of ticket type and airline policies.

United Flight Change Policy and Fee for MileagePlus Award Tickets

Award tickets may incur charges depending on when and how often they’re canceled, their elite status, and the rescission time. As of November 2018, United has discontinued charging this change fee on travels originating in the US within 30 days before flight departure.

Below, you will find United Airlines change fees for international award tickets not originating in the US – see details here.

  • General members will pay $125.
  • Premier Silver members receive $100.
  • Premier Gold members pay $75 in annual dues.
  • Premier Platinum members receive an extra $50 discount.
  • Premier 1K members don’t pay anything!

How Can I Change a United Airlines Flight?

United Airlines change policy provides numerous methods for passengers to change their flight tickets; either online or offline options may be chosen by customers when planning changes occur, typically alteration being necessary due to any modification to plans. Here’s how you can change tickets at the last moment:

Method 1 – United Airlines Flight Change Website

Online is the easiest and most reliable method of changing flight reservations, enabling you to modify it any time or anywhere – simply with access to United Airlines’ official website and an active internet connection. Follow these simple steps.

  • Start off by visiting United Airlines’ official site.
  • Second, enter your six-digit reservation number and the customer’s last name into the appropriate fields before clicking “Confirm” to finalize the booking.
  • Thirdly, select the flight you want to alter by pressing “Change your Flight.”
  • Press “Continue”.
  • Ensure the flight change process is completed one hour before departure.
  • Debit and credit cards offer you convenient solutions when making payments with large pay gaps.

Method 2 – United Airlines Flight Change via Contact Number

Under this method, a customer can directly reach the airline by dialing its valid customer service number and making their request now for flight change:

  • First, contact United Airlines’ Flight Change Department at 800-864-8331.
  • Second, when connecting with an airline representative, request to change your flight.
  • Thirdly, choose among the options an agent presents on your screen and compare United’s change fees and fare differences before selecting one.
  • Make payments using debit and credit cards for maximum efficiency.
  • Once payment has been successfully submitted, your United change flight process is complete, and an email with confirmation will be sent out stating the change has taken place.

Method 3 – United Airlines Flight Change at Airport

If the other methods have failed you, here is another approach you may use at your discretion: visiting your departing airport to request a same-day flight change. Domestic travel must occur one hour before scheduled departure and three hours ahead for international trips.

Here are the steps that can help you change a United Airlines ticket by visiting an airport:

  • First, arrive at the airport and head directly towards the United Airlines registration desk.
  • Submit your six-digit number code or 13-digit e-ticket number to an airline representative for verification purposes.
  • Thirdly, make a reservation change request and be mindful of any policies associated with changing flights on your ticket.
  • Fourthly, an agent will ask you to select another flight from those options.
  • Sixthly, for more significant fare differences, you can pay with either debit or credit cards as payment; alternatively, at airport terminals, they also allow cash payments.
  • Finally, payment will complete this process.

Note: If the above methods seem complicated, feel free to call Flying Rules at 1 800 865 1848 – we’re happy to assist with navigating them efficiently!

United Airlines Schedule Change Policy.

United Airlines releases their flight schedule up to 11 months ahead, so passengers have ample notice to plan. After the release of this plan, United could make any necessary alterations that might need to be made; these modifications could include things such as:

  • Arrival or departure flight times.
  • Changes to flight frequency
  • Addition or deletion of routes.
  • Modifications made on aircraft types

Once notified about a schedule change two weeks in advance, United Airlines offers two change flight options that could suit you better:

  • You can change or alter your flight seven days before or after your scheduled departure date without incurring additional costs.
  • If the United Airlines rescheduling arrangements do not satisfy a traveler, they can ask for a full refund.

If you wish to explore alternative flight possibilities, the following items must be considered:

  • Destination points must remain constant from before.
  • If your flight requires multiple stopovers, select different destinations as possible stopover destinations.

United and its partner airlines must operate the new flight route; otherwise, you can file for a full refund if your itinerary has been significantly modified. According to United’s flight change policy, you may also receive reimbursement for the remaining ticket portions should they not accommodate you within your desired cabin.

United Same-Day Flight Change Policy.

If you want to make changes on the same day that your ticket was bought, follow these guidelines:

If you belong to Premier Gold, Premier 1K, or Premier Platinum membership level, there will not be a flight change fee from United.

Premium Silver and MileagePlus members will incur an additional $75 charge when changing an inbound flight on United within the same day.

Adjustments can be made up to 24 hours before their scheduled departure; however, any price differences between their original air ticket and any revised United airfare tickets will be charged to them.

United’s same-day flight change policy permits adjustments on a same-day basis for previously established departure and destination points and destinations; however, route modifications incur fees.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy for COVID

Travel has always presented unique challenges. To ease travelers’ experiences on flights, airlines have implemented policies that must be observed before boarding an aircraft.

Here are a few key takeaways from United’s flight ticket change policy for COVID-19 to help better comprehend its terms and conditions.

  • Flyers must submit a Covid-19 test report at least 48 hours before departure.
  • If a passenger tests COVID-19 positive or exhibits related symptoms, we suggest they wait at least five days before traveling.
  • Passengers must use hand sanitizer every hour and wear facemasks continuously.
  • Passengers should observe social distancing practices and refrain from physically touching other passengers on board the aircraft.
  • Should their flight be delayed or canceled, flyers can get a full refund and rebook without additional charges.


How does United Airlines change policy work when changing flights?

The airline provides various methods for amending flight tickets. You may access its official website, contact customer service numbers, and visit an airport.

Can United Airlines change my flight time?

Yes. Adjust your travel time at no additional charge by paying the ticket difference.

What are the fees associated with changing my flight within 24 hours on United?

Premier Silver, Platinum 1K, Premier Gold, and Global Services elite members don’t incur additional costs; however, non-elite passengers must pay an additional $75 fee.

How can I modify my United Airlines ticket?

According to United Change Flight rules, passengers may alter their flight arrival or departure times and timestamps, add or delete routes, and switch aircraft types as necessary.

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