How to Build a 1-to-1 Video Chat App with Java or Kotlin

In this article, you will learn about the basic steps in building a 1-to-1 video chat app on android using two programming languages – Java and Kotlin.

Throughout this article, I will explain the process of creating an app in the Android Studio IDE using Video Chat SDKs downloaded from MirrorFly.

Note: Java and Koltin are both well-suited for building Android apps. You may choose any one of these languages for your app development process, depending on your requirements.

1. Create Your Android App Project To create an Android App, you’ll need the latest version of Android Studio IDE.

Download it from the Official Website of Android Studio Install and Launch the IDE. A Welcome Window will appear In this Window, select ‘Start a new Android Studio project’ Next, choose ‘Empty Activity’ from the list of templates

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