How long does asbestos stay in the air?

Before we start here, you should know this – Thousands of people die due to asbestos-related diseases in America. We never realize this but the inconspicuous asbestos fibers wreck untold havoc on our respiratory system and as such you may be wondering – how would I know if my building has a presence of asbestos? And how long does asbestos stay in the air?

While answering these questions can be a bit complicated, it requires the presence of professionals for NYC asbestos inspection in NYC. It is because how long asbestos stays in the air doesn’t have any standard answer. It depends entirely on the location of the asbestos, and how frequently it is disturbed.

You need to connect with certified asbestos contractors who will be able to tell you if asbestos is present in your building. And whether the indoor atmosphere is safe to breathe in.

If you have disturbed asbestos for some renovation purposes, it shall remain in the air for around 48-72 hours. After this time, the particles generally settle but that may not be the case always. In case of asbestos, assumptions do not work, and you need to be sure of things to keep yourself and your family safe from the asbestos-related diseases. We would suggest you to call for NYC asbestos inspections in NYC that will tell you how far the internal air is polluted with the fibers.

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