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How Do I View EML Files In Outlook

If you are unable to view EML files in Outlook, relax now because you have come to the right destination to learn the most straightforward ways to fix this error. Here you will get an instant solution with the working steps to import EML files into Outlook using Manual and EML to PST Converter. So read through the entire blog to find the solution you were looking for.

Let’s start with basic information about EML files before delving into the solutions. If you are already familiar with EML files and Outlook, you can skip it and continue to the next section. If you are new to the IT world and cannot view EML files in Outlook. Then stay with us to the finish to find out more.

EML is an acronym for email messages and stores the message body and attachments. At the most basic level, the EML files retain the original HTML code, email header, and text grammar. Many email clients including Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, eM Client, Thunderbird, and others support EML file formats.

Reason To Import EML Files In Outlook

  1. The EML format works with email programs running on Windows.
  2. In this new age of digitization where email communication has become necessary, MS Outlook stands out for all email clients.
  3. Many users used email applications like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and others which are now obsolete. Because of this, lots of users are migrating from these email clients to Microsoft Outlook, which now has many upgraded features with strong data protection.

How To View EML Files In Outlook Using Manual Approach?

This is far from the easiest approach to importing EML files into Outlook. If you have access to EML files, you can drag and drop EML files to Outlook. So let us know how to perform it.

  1. Open Outlook and make a newly created folder in it.
  2. Now click on EML files and choose how you want to view them in Outlook.
  3. Drag and drop the EML files to import into the newly created folder in Outlook.
  4. EML files have been successfully imported into Outlook.

Drawbacks Of Using Manual Approach

  1. EML files appear as attachments in Outlook.
  2. 2. To perform this process, you must have in-depth technical knowledge.
  3. It is not able to handle bulk EML files.
  4. Any semicolon error in the process can cause the EML file to lose its data.
  5. Data integrity is not preserved as with the original.
  6. Manual operations take up a lot of valuable time from the user. If you have thousands of EML files, the export process can take many hours or even days.

How To Import EML Files In Outlook Using Professional Techniques?

If you have a stack of EML files and are not entirely satisfied with the manual technique. Therefore, we recommend you go for SysTools EML Converter. It is the perfect choice to convert bulk EML files in a single step without encountering any errors. This software development is completed by a strong algorithm to get an accurate output without any major limitations.

  1. Download and open the EML converter on your Windows computer.
  2. Click on the EML files and enter them into the software interface.
  3. From the list of export types, click on the PST option.
  4. Finally, set the result to the required destination and then click “Export” to get the result quickly.

Other Benefits Of Using Professional Software

  1. The mailbox data structure has been preserved exactly as in the original document. In addition, the PST file converter offers advanced protection to prevent any impact on original data.
  2. This tool is very simple to handle without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  3. It also provides a filtering feature to convert data by date range, subject, recipient, and receipt and is also helpful to avoid spam files.
  4. This software can convert EML to PDF, PST, MBOX, HTML, TXT, and many more options.
  5. There is no need to download other software to complete this solution.

Observational Verdict

This post ended with the solution to solve the user’s question “How to view EML files in Outlook?” You have a variety of alternatives and the  best solution you opt for completely depends on you. If you have plenty of free time and have advanced technical skills, opt for manual solutions. Otherwise, I recommend using a professional solution. The decision is entirely yours because you know better about yourself. We hope this post has helped solve your problems.

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