How Do I Reserve a Flight Without Paying?

Are you wondering if it is ever possible to confirm your air travel reservation without paying? Because of various reasons, people decide to make the reservation in this manner. Some have to do it for visa purposes, and some for other reasons. 

If you are thinking about whether one can book like this or not, then the answer is Yes. Booking a dummy ticket is possible. Furthermore, various airlines now offer this facility of “book now, pay later.” 

Continue reading the guide and find out about it in detail. 

What is a Dummy Ticket?

It is a round-trip booking. In a lot of situations, one has to present a dummy ticket. It is not an actual booking. However, it is used in various travel-related situations. This ticket shows a person traveling to and from one destination. Furthermore, in case the individual’s travel plans are not yet confirmed, they book this one.

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Step-By-Step Guide For Reserving Tickets Without Paying 

By following the simple set of steps, travelers can book without paying any amount. Moreover, this is an online method, so people can complete it in no time.

The steps to be followed are as follows-

  • Head to the official site of the airline you wish to book with. 
  • On the site, you will find the option of trip type and destination. Tap on it.
  • Go ahead and choose the travel dates for which you want to book tickets for.
  • Furthermore, select the total passengers and then click on the “search” option.
  • Choose the appropriate flight for yourself.
  • Finally, when you reach the payment page, hold your ticket instead of paying the amount. 
  • The airline will send you the confirmation that your tickets are on hold.

Which Airlines Allow Book Now Pay Later Flights? 

There are many renowned airlines that allow one to book tickets without paying the amount. The list below shows these airlines-

  • Delta Airlines
  • Tap Portugal 
  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • British Airlines

How long can I hold a flight without paying?

Most airlines allow travelers to hold their tickets from 24 hours to 48 hours. Once the reservation is made, one can hold up to this time. Furthermore, people can cancel until this time period.

So, go ahead and complete the Delta Airlines book a flight procedure and avail of the buy now, pay later service. 

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