How do I get a MetaMask extension for Safari?

Currently being used by more than 30 million people across the globe, MetaMask is still trending at the top for being the most-wanted cryptocurrency wallet. The reason why many people use it is because of the fact that this platform always makes sure that you are able to store and use your purchased crypto assets in the most efficient manner. This Ethereum-based crypto wallet comes with high-level security standards, lets you connect to the dApps, and has the ability to be connected to different hardware wallets as well.

So, I would like you to understand the fact that MetaMask extension is truly an exceptional choice when it comes to finding out a good crypto storage space for your crypto assets, that are exclusively built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Now, another important thing that should be acknowledged before starting to use this wallet is the fact that it can work on different devices such as Android, iOS, and desktops. The moment you install this wallet software on a supported device, you’ll be able to start using the attached features immediately.

But, the real question is- whether or not one can use the MetaMask Extension on Safari. Let’s find that out.

Is Safari compatible with MetaMask?

When you go to the official MetaMask website, you will notice that the MetaMask wallet can be downloaded on a limited number of browsers. These browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Edge. For mobile device users, it works on both iOS and Android devices. However, it should be noted that it does not support the installation of the MetaMask extension on a Safari web browser.

So, just in case, you are unable to find out MetaMask Safari extension, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to do it until MetaMask allows this.

But this gives way to yet another question. Those users, who are interested in using MetaMask on their Mac devices, how would they be able to use MetaMask?

How Mac device users can use MetaMask? 

Mac device users can certainly use a trick to get the MetaMask extension installed on their web browsers. However, the twist is that they cannot install the extension on their Safari browsers. Instead, they first need to install the Chrome web browser on their Mac device. Once the Chrome browser is installed, then they can surely go ahead with the process to install the extension and start using MetaMask on their Mac devices. Here is what you need to do to complete the whole process:

  1. First of all, navigate to the official website of Chrome i.e.
  2. Thereafter, you can select the “Download Chrome” option to proceed further
  3. Next up, you need to respond to a few prompts to get the extension added
  4. Further, open the Chrome web browser on your device
  5. After this, you can go to the website
  6. In this step, you can simply select the “Download for Chrome” option or just select “Download”
  7. Now, it’s time that you select the option to install the extension
  8. And then, you’ll be taken to the Chrome web store where you can just select the “Add to Chrome” option
  9. In the final stage, just select “Add extension” in the pop-up
  10. And, you can now set up or import your wallet without any hassle

Concluding note: 

MetaMask extension, as we know, is one of the most downloaded and used browser extensions for those who wish to use crypto wallets based on the Ethereum blockchain. The article above gives a clear explanation of what you can do if you wish to use the MetaMask wallet on your Mac device through the Safari web browser. 

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