How Do I Convert a PDF to Readable Text

Hello guys are you having trouble issue to import PDF email to Text file manually process? And you could not get the simplest technique to import PDF email to TXT file format along with attachments.

Do not worry about this process! After getting this article you will be suitable to import PDF email to Text file with free manual way. In this article, you will find steps by step conversion procedure to export PDF files to Text file format. Before discussing the manual process, a query comes to mind to all users why they want to export PDF email to Text file format.

Some Reliable Things for PDF File Format

Everyone knows pdf is a secure and safe platform to save a file into a PDF document. Also, it can be simply accessed anywhere with the Adobe Reader application. And it provides the facility to be password-protected to preserve data files safe and secure.

How to Manually Change PDF Files to Text Format

  • Apply the Copy and Paste command in Method #1.
  • Choose the text from the PDF file that you wish to copy.
  • Create a new document file in which you will copy and paste a specific section of the PDF.

The newly formed folder can be accessed.

Lastly, paste the PDF information that you have chosen.

Finally, your chosen text is extracted from the PDF file and is available for editing. However, this approach only works with one PDF file. You can choose the next way to convert PDF files to text if you don’t feel comfortable with this one.

Method #2: Open a PDF file in an MS Word document

  • Copy the selected PDF file to your desktop.
  • Click on that PDF and choose “Open with” from the menu.
  • Choose MS Word from the list that is offered.
  • Your PDF will now be accessible in the editable MS Doc program.
  • You can now convert that pdf to text using the methods mentioned above.


  • When you open your PDF document in the Microsoft Word program. Click File Options.
  • Select the Save As option from there.
  • Pick Plain Text (*.txt) as the saving format next.
  • The PDF you chose will then have your text retrieved from it.

It is not the perfect solution for nay naive users. If you miss a single step, then you need to do this process again. Therefore, it is advised to keep a backup of files before processing PDF to Text email file conversion. This technique is appropriate for a few or single PDF emails. One more thing if you have multiple emails, a manual method is failed.

Automated Procedure to Import PDF Emails to Text (.txt) Format with Simple and Easy Tricks

As we discussed above the manual process to import PDF emails to Text file. With this method, the user can export a single file at one time. Also, it will take more time during the conversion of PDF to Text file format. So, it is recommended to utilize the perfect solution that is CubexSoft PDF to Text Converter. It is designed by the best experts and professionals with advanced algorithms.

Best Points of PDF to Text Converter Tool

Below are some of the efficient features and benefits of importing PDF to Text file format.

Error-Free Solution- PDF to Text Converter software provides you a reliable method to convert emails or files from PDF to Text file format without any deletion of data. Users will not face any trouble and complexity during the conversion task. 

Provide Exact Results with 100% Accuracy- all users can also use this application to export PDF files to Text with exact and proper conversion outcomes.

Without any Installation of Other Application- When converting emails from PDF to Text file format no need to installations of any extra application because the software is an independent utility.

Batch Conversion with Instant Process- There are many solutions available to export files from PDF to Text. But, most of the time the user complains, it takes several days to complete the task. With this automated software, you can quickly convert the unlimited files of PDF to Text at a single time process.

Provides Simple Interface- The conversion process to move PDF emails to Text file format with a simple step of this software. It comes with a reliable and accepted graphical interface that any can utilize this tool without knowing the technicalities. 

Preserve All Email Properties- The tool is a suitable application for saving PDF emails to Text with keeping all email details including mail header, images, hyperlinks, attachments, Metadata, formatting, and so on.


Inclusive, we can say the PDF to Text Converter tool is a dependable utility to solve all user’s problems of how do I convert a PDF to readable Text files. So, here you can easily download the free trial version of this solution for converting the first 5 PDF emails into Text file format without any charges.

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