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How do I contact Virgin America Customer Support

Contacting Virgin America Booking : Phone Numbers for Help and Reservations

If you need to book a flight or get help, you can use these Virgin America Booking phone numbers:

  • Customer Support: You can call 1-800-503-0101. They’re available every day from 7 am to 10 pm UK time.
  • Virgin America Call Center: For Virgin America, dial 1-800-862-8621. They’re open daily from 7 am to midnight UK time (-5 Eastern, -8 Pacific). You can also send a text to 97634. This number helps with reservations, customer service, and Flying Club inquiries.

For other services like hotel or car bookings:

  • Booking Flights with Extra Services: Use 1-800-503-0101.
  • Contacting Headquarters: To reach Virgin America headquarters, dial 1-800-503-0101.

These phone numbers are there to help you with reservations, customer service, and other inquiries.


Contacting Virgin America Customer Service via Email

If you need to reach Virgin america customer service via email, here’s what you can do:

Website Form: Go to their website and look for the Help and Contact button at the bottom of the main page. Scroll down the Help Centre page until you find the Contact Us section. Click on “Fill out a simple form” and select the type of form you need Answer some questions for feedback and complete the questionnaire. Give your contact details and describe the issue you need help with. Attach any necessary documents and submit the form.

By following these ways or emailing the handed addresses, you can communicate with Virgin America client service to address your concerns or get assistance.


Contacting Virgin America Customer Care via Live Chat

Follow these ways

If you want to talk to Virgin America client service through live chat.

  • Log In to the Website Go to their website and select the Help option at the top of the main page. Click on Help Centre.
  • Access Live Chat in the Help Centre, a chat window will appear offering assistance. Type in your question and a digital assistant will try to find information related to your query. It might ask further questions to understand your issue. Live Representative: If the chatbot can’t help, it will connect you with a live representative. This person will provide the information you need and make sure to resolve your problem.

By logging in and accessing the Help Centre on Virgin America website, you can use live chat to get help from their customer service team.


Getting in Touch with Virgin America Customer Support

You have four options to reach out to Virgin America for help. You can compare and see which way works quickest and which once other customers prefer the most to solve issues with Virgin America’s customer service. The ways to contact them are through Phone, Web, Chat, or Twitter.

Here are the ways to reach Virgin America how long you might wait and how many people recommend each method:

Phone Number: 800-252-7522

  • Customer Service Wait Time: Around 5 minutes
  • Recommended by 211 people

Online Help at

  • Customer Service Wait Time: Less than 2 hours
  • Recommended by 354 people

Live Chat at

  • Customer Service Wait Time: Approximately 42 minutes
  • Recommended by 362 people

@AlaskaAir (Twitter)

  • Customer Service Wait Time: About 14 minutes
  • Recommended by 135 people

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