How Commercial Insurance Has Helped Businesses In Difficult Situations

A lot of times, businesses neglect the need for commercial insurance. This is done because they simply do not feel that it is important for their business. However, thiscan result in several harmful situations. If you have commercial insurance, you can survive in such situations. So, we have listed down a few stories that depict how businesses have benefited from commercial insurance Alberta.

A small business was protected from fire

Mary had a bakery that she had built with lots of love and care. But one day, there was a fire in its neighboring building, and it also started to spread to the bakery. This caused a lot of damage and affected Mary’s hard work. She had commercial property insurance. So, with the insurance, the overall repair cost was covered, and her business was up and running in no time. Without the insurance policy, it would have been much more difficult for her to pay for the repair and renovation.

It helped in slip and fall accident

Gracie had a small boutique where one of her customers slipped. The customer went for a legal battle against the business. She wanted Gracie to pay for the damages. She was unable to pay the legal fees and compensation because she had a small business. But because of her commercial auto insurance Alberta policy, she was able to cover the cost of the lawsuit and also pay the compensation. Hence, she was able to focus on her business without worrying about the financial burden. Hence, it truly saved her from facing huge financial losses and shutting down her boutique.

It helped in a cyberattack

Annie had a tech startup providing cloud-based solutions to businesses. One day, she got a call from her teammate that the company had been hit by a cyber attack. Because of this, there was a lot of damage to the system and sensitive data. She was worried about how she would be able to protect the reputation of her business. But because of her insurance policy, it was easy for her to cover the cost of damage and restore the systems. Without the insurance, she may have suffered irreparable damage.

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