How Can You Change Swiss Airlines Flights Easily?

To change your Swiss Airlines flight easily, you can follow the guidelines and procedures provided by the airline. Swiss Airlines offers a user-friendly “Change My Booking” functionality on their official website,, which allows passengers to modify their flight details. However, there are certain restrictions and conditions that apply, so it’s essential to review the eligibility criteria and follow the necessary steps:

1. Eligibility for Online Rebooking:

   – Your ticket number must start with 724 (SWISS ticket no./plate).

   – The ticket was not paid for by barter or voucher (except for full voucher payments under certain circumstances).

   – There must be an active flight booking for your ticket; rebooking is not possible for open tickets or tickets without corresponding flight segments.

   – Online rebooking is currently only available for one-way outbound tickets or return tickets with single flight routes (point-to-point).

   – Some bookings may not be eligible for online rebooking, such as those with segments involving other airlines, reservations without issued tickets, special services, group bookings, and more.

2. Changes You Can Make:

   – You can change the flight and travel dates.

   – Rebooking origin, destination, or name changes are not possible online.

3. Name Requirements:

   – The names of passengers must be entered accurately as per their travel documents.

   – Middle names are optional but have character limitations.

4. Time Constraints:

   – The minimum time before departure for online rebookings varies depending on the departure airport.

   – Departing from a Swiss airport allows rebooking up to three hours before departure.

5. Refunds:

   – Online refunds are not possible; if rebooking results in a refund, it cannot be processed online.

   – Rebooking charges and refund of airport taxes may or may not be possible online, depending on the flight tariff.

6. Currency and Rebooking Calculation:

   – Rebooking calculations are done in the currency of the original country of departure.

   – Rebooking may not be possible for tickets issued in different currencies; passengers will be informed to contact the booking center in such cases.

7. Additional Services:

   – Additional services booked separately, such as seat reservations and excess baggage, may require separate handling and contacting the Service Center.

8. Inclusions in Rebooked Ticket:

   – Special meals, APIS details, and travel insurance obtained through SWISS will be included in the new ticket.

9. Booking Reference and Ticket Number:

   – The booking reference remains the same after rebooking, but a new ticket number will be issued. The new ticket number is required for some online services, such as web check-in.

10. Changes to Service Packages:

    – Changes processed on are limited to flight bookings only. Other services included in a package purchased with a Travel Agency should be handled separately.

11. Corporate Travel Policy:

    – If your itinerary was booked through your company’s Travel Agency, you may need to follow their specific guidelines for Swiss Airlines flight change.

Remember to thoroughly review the conditions and make necessary changes within the eligibility criteria. For more information or assistance, you can contact Swiss Airlines’ local service center or your travel agent if you booked directly with SWISS. Always double-check the information as it is based on the context of July 23, 2023.

Source: Swiss Airlines manage booking 

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