How Can I Make My Essay Interesting?

You might enjoy writing diverse things multiple times. We must write something on any topic every other day, whether we are writing a proposal, an email, an academic paper, or anything else.

Nevertheless, rather than the number of phrases you desire to write, your primary focus should be on the topic matter. Make your writing more engaging, intriguing, and educational if you want people to notice your objective or distinct point of view.

 The simplest approach to do this is to carefully consider each phrase you use.

Essay Writing Can Be Exciting

To be honest, for the bulk of high school and college, I was a mediocre essay writer.

I’d occasionally produce an excellent essay, but I mostly received B’s and A-minuses.

I understand how time-consuming is to write a piece of writing, as well as how tough it can be to write something decent.

I’m not saying that using these essay writing approaches would instantly improve your work.

Why Is Essay Writing So Difficult?

When it pertains to writing essays there are many students who can find excuses to ignore it. When they tackle it or manage it easily, they struggle to weave sentences together that sound like a reasonable viewpoint on the prescribed subject.

Here are some key reasons which explains why essay writing is one of the most difficult tasks:

  • You’d rather be browsing through Facebook
  • You’re attempting to write something that your teacher or professor will enjoy
  • You’re trying to get an A rather than writing anything that’s genuinely good

The main reason writing an essay is so difficult is that we are so focused on extrinsic benefits such as receiving a passing mark, receiving our teacher’s approval, etc

The difficulty is that focusing on external approval not only makes writing less enjoyable, but also substantially more difficult.


Because focusing on external acceptance may off your subconscious, which is the source of your creativity.

Your Subconscious is Where Your Creativity Comes From

In practice, this means that while you’re attempting to produce that ideal, A-plus-worthy line, you’re turning off the majority of your greatest resources and writing talents.

Stop now. Stop attempting to create a good (or even a “good enough”) essay. Instead, write an engaging essay, one that you find more fascinating. When you’re done, go back and tweak it till it’s “good” by your teacher’s criteria.

Yes, you must adhere to the instructions provided in your assignment. If your teacher instructs you to write a five-paragraph essay, then write one! If your teacher requests a specific type of essay, such as an analysis, argument, or research paper, make sure you compose one.

However, within those constraints, make a place for something uniquely you.

I am unable to guarantee you’ll get a better grade (though you very probably will), but I can promise you’ll have a lot more fun while writing. If you are in a difficult writing circumstance, you may also hire an essay writing service to complete your paper for cheap.

Here Are Five Practical Suggestions You Can Start Using Right Immediately

1. Use an aggressive voice and strong verbs. Passive voice, or leaving the subject out of a phrase, gives the impression that you are attempting to dodge accountability. Instead of writing “the ball was thrown,” write “he threw the ball.” Avoid using the “to be” verb (is, are, am, was, were) whenever feasible. As an alternative to expressing “he was running the meeting with a steel fist,” read “he ran the meeting with an iron fist.” Instead of saying, “Bill is a great employee,” you may say “Bill works extremely well on a team.”

2. Select exact terms. Words are kind of building blocks of all writing. Of obviously it is, you would say. Use to keep your writing brief and to the point.

3. Use concise language. Instead of “don’t have the resources,” say “don’t have the resources.” substitute “in view of the fact that” and replace it with “because.” Instead of “at the conclusion of the meeting,” use the statement “following the meeting.” Shorter sentences can also make your writing more easier and fascinating to read; larger phrases, while technically correct, muck up your work.

4. Select simple words. Using huge words and intricate sentences to impress others leads to bad writing.  Avoid terms like “utilize” instead of “use,” and “ascertain” instead of “find out.” Exciting writing is focused and straightforward.

5. Select appropriate words. When writing a technical essay for a publication, customer, or colleague, you may opt to include jargon, acronyms, and industry jargon that the audience you are targeting is familiar with. You can use slang or ultra-casual language while writing a note to a flatmate or friend. In any case, the reader should intuitively understand your message without having to ask questions or consult Wikipedia.

Whether you enjoy writing or not, paying attention is the best way to improve your writing! While this may appear overly basic, it is accurate. Even if it’s just an email which also takes time. Check that you’ve used clear and succinct language and that you’ve ceased writing when you’ve finished.

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