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How Can I Import an OLM File into Outlook for Windows?

Thinking deeply about how can I import an OLM file into Outlook for Windows! No worries, read the entire segment and at the end you will be able to successfully import OLM file into Outlook for Windows with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

There are several organizations and individuals who move from one operating system to another due to numerous official purposes. And in-between this they face a challenge regarding file incompatibility.

Mac and Windows are very different operating systems. The application built on them has different programming and supports distinct file type.

OLM file is a file extension of Microsoft Outlook for Mac and still users face accessibility issues when they move to Windows Outlook, why?

Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook are similar to some extent. One can say they deliver same functioning. But, when it comes to saving the files then they supports different formats as both the email applications are designed on the operating systems that are completely opposite from each other.

So, if you want to import an OLM file into Outlook for Windows, then need to convert OLM to PST.

How to Import an OLM File into Outlook for Windows?

There are multiple approaches available to import an OLM file into Outlook for Windows. One is a manual approach that is lengthy, time-consuming, and not reliable. Another is a direct approach that will directly import OLM to PST in few seconds with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

We haven’t explained manual method here because it is of no use. So, we are directly discussing the automated solution i.e. MacMister OLM Converter Tool that is reliable, certified, and safe.

MacMister OLM Converter for Mac is a user-friendly and solid application that allows users to import an OLM file into Outlook for Windows with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items accurately. The tool is simple and secure and built-up with a platform which is easily accessible by all professional and non-professional users. Even, the three step procedure will save your time and helps in carrying out the output in a minimum time.

Moreover, you will find ultimate features in the application with the help of users can perform the process according to their requirements. You can download the trial edition of the software and know how to import an OLM file into Outlook for Windows for free.

Working Steps to Import an OLM file into Outlook for Windows on Mac

Step 1. Download and run MacMister OLM to PST Converter Tool on a macOS device.


Step 2. Use Add File(s) option and add the necessary OLM files on the application. Use Add Folders option to add a folder containing multiple OLM files on the tool. Click Next and proceed.


Step 3. The application starts listing the selected OLM files on the software panel one-by-one. They will appear with checkboxes that you can use to import selective OLM files into Outlook for Windows. When done, click on Next.


Step 4. Now, go to Select Saving Options to select PST format from the list.


Step 5. Set the PST options according to your requirements and start the conversion of OLM to PST by tapping Export button.

Step 6. The conversion will be live and the app will show Live Conversion Window that will display the ongoing conversion progress of OLM files.


The whole procedure will finish in few seconds and users will receive “Conversion Completed” window on their screen. Click on the OK button and go to the location where resultant PST files are saved. You can now move the same to Windows OS using external drive or any cloud-based medium and import the same into Windows Outlook.

However, after the import process, you will see that the items are accurately transferred. The content and related details will appear with 100% accuracy. Even, the formatting properties will not show any alteration.


The blog has discussed the powerful procedure to import an OLM file into Windows Outlook-supported format on Mac OS. The MacMister OLM to PST Converter for Mac is an incredible solution that is secure and reliable. Anyone can use it without external support and perform the process in a minimum time. Download the free demo now and import 25 OLM files into PST format free of cost.

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