How Australian Parents Make Decisions When Choosing Child Care

How Australian Parents Make Decisions When Choosing Child Care

Each family has a definite set of needs and wants when they select the best child care that is right and suitable for them. Parents also know the significance of the early years related to the development of children in childhood. It can be physical, cognitive and emotional and due to this the parents make heavy decisions regarding the child’s care. There are reports in which it can be concluded that parents have a responsibility to select the proper care that will support a child’s needs in future which include love, security and enhanced experiences. Also, they think about other matters such as opening hours and fees. The overview is that in child care the decision is full of stress if the parents are taking the child care services for the first time. There are also child care training courses that are available which help parents to understand the nuances of child care and their services.

Factors Defining the Complexity of the Child Care System

  1. There is an increasing number of children in child care and there are many different types of services.
  2. There are huge lists made for waiting and there is also dearth of availability.
  3. The fees also get increased.
  4. There are many changes done in requirements for rules and regulations.
  5. Changes are also done in government funding.
  6. Research is also done for the development and education of children.

Parental Approaches in Making Child Care Decisions

Selecting the right child care services or centers is an important decision as there is a need of finding a child care which is approved and meets the quality standards. Hence, there are some to dos to consider by the parents in order to find the best child care for their children:

  1. It is important to understand whether to enroll their child or not in formal education and care.
  2. Which child care is the best for the child such as family day care, long day care, occasional or outside school hours care, preschool etc.
  3. What type of service can they use?


There are some factors taken into account such as emotional and practical responses when parents find formal education and care, in relation to the important steps used for child care decisions:

  1. They need to build a proper list of services on the basis of local area, budget, recommendations of people and information given by the government.
  2. They also make a short list in which quality rating and issues are considered and also what people say such as opinions of people, reviews taken online and can get inside information from the staff/parents who have taken child care.
  3. After short listing the centers, they will visit them. They will take an important step and decision to understand whether the child care service has the best interests of the child. They will confirm this by taking a local center tour to see the facilities, procedures and relationships. 
  4. They should apply for a place so that there are chances that their child will be selected.


All the parents feel some mixed emotions because the process of choosing child care is a very difficult task. They get stressed, confused and get worried in making the lists for child care. They are also optimistic, determined as well as frustrated while shortlisting the child care.

Key Points in Parental Decision-Making for Child Care Selection

  1. The parents will support the safety and physical well-being of their child.
  2. They will also support the belongingness and emotional side of the children.
  3. They will understand the importance of supporting the development, early learning and growth of their child.
  4. They will encourage and motivate families and communities so that a proper relationship has been made between the parents and other families and communities.
  5. They will also support the well being of the organization by providing proper stability in management.


All the above factors conclude that selecting child care services for Australian parents is an important task which requires a lot of comprehensive research. With the help of understanding the Early Childhood Education and Care Adelaide, the parents can get insights too regarding the child care services.

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