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Impairment Care Services is the assistance and services offered to people with mental or physical impairments to assist with their everyday lives, empower their independence, and improve their overall quality of life. It includes a variety of care options and services designed to fulfil their requirements.Due to unorganised impairment care sector in India, people with impairment faces various difficulties including but not limited to:

Social stigma and discrimination: Impairments are frequently stigmatised in Indian society, which breeds prejudice, discrimination, and social exclusion. Limiting chances for education, employment, and social participation can be brought on by negative preconceptions and misconceptions regarding impairments. Limited educational opportunities: Impaired individual may have trouble accessing a good education. There might not be as many specialized schools and inclusive learning environments, which would limit the educational opportunities and skill development for children with impairments.


CFYI Community Care Pvt Ltd. could also cater more skilled services like nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals like Physiotherapist, speech therapist, phycologist. Our intention in providing Senior’s care to assist with improving older individuals’ quality of life, Senior Care Services in Ahmedabad foster their independence, and guarantee their safety and wellbeing. It frequently includes opportunities for social interaction, transportation services, health monitoring, and prescription administration, help with personal hygiene and mobility, and coordination of healthcare services. Depending on the person’s health, functional abilities, and personal preferences, several types and intensities of senior’s care may be available to meet their needs.

Our trained and experienced support staff members work alongside you, respecting your privacy and personal space, and develop a sincere care support relationship with you. They’ll take the time to comprehend your wants and go above and beyond to meet your care goal plans. At CFYI Community Care Pvt Ltd, after comprehensive client assessment process, we set up a short term and long-term care related goal plans for each client. And prepare an individualized comprehensive care plan to meet these goal plans.

This is a non-medical care servicesCare provider near me Vadodara offered to patients who need overnight or extended stays in a hospital or medical facility for their treatment or surgery, where it is difficult for family members to stay with patient and provide a secondary non-medical care support are referred to as inpatient care. While Diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, access to specialist healthcare personnel, round-the-clock medical supervision, and intense rehabilitation are provided by hospital staff our carer staff cat be a companion as family member along with assisting with non-medical care support.


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