Here’s What You Need to Know About Sovent Systems

Modern Sovent systems represent a significant step forward in the sewer and drain industry. But while these single-stack piping networks are highly effective at collecting and removing sewage from multi-story buildings, they’re prone to many of the same problems that affect all other types of sewage plumbing.

The Differences Between Sovent Piping and Standard Sewage Plumbing

In a stand-alone residence or commercial structure, the wastewater generated by the occupants travels by gravity to flow directly into a sewer lateral and then onto the main sewer line. In a high-rise building, however, wastewater must travel vertically tens or even hundreds of feet inside the structure before it ever reaches the point of entry into the main sewage collection system. The force of moving water inside vertical drainage pipes can cause pressure to build up to the point that the flow through the line is interrupted.

In the past, this problem was resolved by running a secondary pipe alongside the main drain line to relieve the built-up pressure. While this was and still is an effective solution, a dual-pipe design has several drawbacks. More than anything, it greatly increases the installation and maintenance costs for a plumbing system and can make performing necessary repair work more difficult. In contrast, a Sovent plumbing system utilizes a single pipeline to accomplish both ventilation and sewage transport instead of operating on a dual-line basis.

The Uses of Sovent Plumbing

Thanks to its ease of installation, space-saving properties, lower costs, and highly efficient operation, Sovent piping has been a popular choice in recent years for use in hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, casinos, offices, government buildings, and other high-rise commercial properties throughout Florida, Nevada, and elsewhere across the United States. If you own or manage a commercial structure that’s more than five stories high, it’s likely equipped with Sovent single-stack plumbing.

The widespread prevalence of Sovent piping has led to the development of Sovent leak detection and repair strategies designed to keep these systems in good working order.

Common Causes of Sovent Pipe Leaks

Like all rigid plumbing pipes, Sovent pipes can become cracked or separated due to foundation settling, seismic activity, high winds, and other types of structural displacement. Broken connections between pipe sections resulting from faulty installation and age-related deterioration of the sealant material are behind many Sovent pipe leaks as well. After years of prolonged contact with high-strength wastewater, Sovent piping may start to corrode and weaken. In addition, pipeline blockages that aren’t cleared away promptly by an experienced team for Sovent cleaning can also contribute to pipe damage and leaks.

The Importance of Professional Leak Detection

Evidence of water damage on ceilings and walls, audible dripping noises, and unexplained standing water are all indicators of a possible leak. A detailed Sovent inspection using a sewer line camera can help determine if the leak is coming from the Sovent system or another source. As the camera is sent through the line, it will record images of the pipe’s interior, allowing trained experts to pinpoint the exact locations and causes of any damage.

Reliable Sovent Pipe Repair Solutions

If minor cracking, small-scale separations, or limited areas of corrosion are found during the inspection, the Sovent pipe can usually be relined. The relining process is carried out by inserting a new epoxy-coated liner directly into the existing pipe, where it cures to form a durable surface that seals leaks and protects against future corrosion. Sovent relining is usually the most advantageous, cost-effective method for addressing leakage issues. However, repiping or complete replacement is sometimes necessary if it’s determined that the pipe is beyond repair.

The certified team at Total Drain Solutions is ready to handle a simple cleaning job, major Sovent single stack repairs, and a range of services in between. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Sarasota or Las Vegas, you’re within one of our company’s two expansive service areas, so don’t hesitate to contact us for help with your commercial building’s Sovent system. We’ll respond quickly and address all of your plumbing concerns efficiently.

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