Challenges While Drafting a Descriptive Essay

Here’s How to Overcome Challenges While Drafting a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is the most common type of essay that you might come across in your academic journey. But it is one of the areas where students struggle the most. It is so because sometimes to describe something can go off track and lose the initial focus. Moreover, there are several other challenges as well, which push students to pay for essay to an expert. Furthermore, this write-up will help you figure out these challenges and the process to ace this essay type. Thus, to begin with, have an insight into the descriptive essay.

Descriptive Essay: An Overview

A descriptive essay is one of the type of essays you might receive to work on in your academic journey. In this essay type, you need to focus on providing a detailed description of anything. It might be an object, thought, experience, situation, research, or anything else. It is drafted with the purpose of explaining a specific topic from various perspectives. In simpler words, you need to portray your thoughts in your writing through this essay. Although this might look like a quick and smooth process to finish, but it is not. The reason behind will be discussed in the following section.

Challenges Faced While Drafting a Descriptive Essay

If you have been given the task of drafting a descriptive essay, then you might face some of these challenges. So, in this section, these problems are listed to ensure that you do not get stuck in them:

Describing the Concept

As already discussed, a descriptive essay is all about describing an object, situation, experience, idea, or anything else. Thus, first, you need to figure out the perspective from which you will do this. Other than this, you need to know how to explain it to make it easily understandable by the readers. Besides this, you might also struggle with the material that you have to gather to support your thoughts. Thus, all these things combine to make you struggle while drafting this essay.

Choosing the Tone

Even after you have decided on the concept to work on, choosing the tone to work with creates more problems. It is so because describing different areas requires a distinct tone. Moreover, handling each style requires different skills. Thus, it might create an issue for you if you are incapable of using a particular tone. Other than this, you might also struggle to ease the style enough to make your reader connect with it. Thus, in this situation, seeking professional essay help online is the best alternative.

Portraying the Thoughts

When working on a descriptive essay, if you are working on a thought or situation, you might struggle to portray it. Thus, the inability to do so might make your reader lose track. So, you have to be capable of explaining your thoughts through words. Besides this, if you are explaining an experience, you might miss some crucial elements. So, if this happens, you cannot effectively display the experience to your audience.

Compressing the Ideas

Sometimes the ideas or experiences you want to include are detailed, but the word limit of the essay is limited. In this situation, many students struggle to compress their ideas and either exceed the limit or miss some pointers. To overcome this situation, you need to learn the process of explaining your ideas in a short but concise way without missing any detail.

Professional Touch

While writing about some personal experience or thoughts, you might go with the flow and miss the professional touch needed in any academic task. Thus, it is a common challenge that several students face and lose grades for. But if you follow the formal tone and keep in mind the guidelines, you will not face issues later on.

These are some of the challenges you might face while drafting a descriptive essay. Moving ahead, let us perceive the procedure you should follow to ace this type of essay and reduce these issues.

How to Draft a Descriptive Essay?

After getting along with the challenges that might make you slow down while drafting a descriptive essay, it is time to perceive the process to follow. Thus, here are the steps that make it easier for you to draft this essay:

Choose a Specific Topic

As you know, a descriptive essay works to explain a particular topic or theme. So you must begin with this only. Thus, you need to select a theme where you have in-depth knowledge and interest as well. It is so because if you are interested in something, you can concentrate more and generate appropriate content.

Gather Relevant Data

Once you have selected a theme to work on, it is time to conduct research on it. This step will help you define a direction to move in. Moreover, it will help you to support the arguments that you will be including in the content. Thus, you must refer to several sources to collect the required information.

List the Thoughts

After gathering the required data, it is time to list all the thoughts that you will be working on. It is a crucial step, as it will help you draw a road map for the rest of the content. Moreover, it will also ensure that you do not miss any important details while writing the essay.

Fill the Outline Briefly

It is time to write the essay. So, fill in the outlines you created in the previous step and complete the document. In this step, you need to fill in all the sub-pointers that you have defined. However, you should not focus on making the content flawless, as it might make you lose concentration.

Proofread the Content

It is the last step of the procedure where you should work on making your essay error-free. To do this, you need to check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and all the other mistakes that might make your content look amateurish.


It is the end of the guide that tells you about the common challenges you might face while drafting a descriptive essay. In addition, it also briefs you on the procedure to follow while working on this type of essay. Even after this, if you face any issues while working on it, you can search for someone and pay for essay to share your workload.

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