Health Benefits of Swimming For Babies

Health Benefits of Swimming For Babies

Swimming lessons introduce babies to water for the first time, giving them an enriching first experience that will give them confidence to try other things later in life! It is a healthy & positive way of beginning this adventure!

Swimming helps develop large muscle motor skills in babies and prepare them for crawling and walking with greater ease.

1. Increased Appetite

Babies spend much of their energy playing in water as they stay warm, practice movements and learn new skills. Coupled with regular full-body exercise sessions, this activity stimulates metabolism and encourages children to eat more.

Swimming helps infants develop stronger neural connections between both sides of their brain, which allows for faster processing of sensory data, increased cognition and quicker learning processes.

Baby swimming classes often incorporate time in the water with parents for quality one-on-one bonding time between parent and baby. This gives both parties a great opportunity to talk, sing and experience skin-to-skin contact – essential parts of children’s development that strengthens emotional ties while building up self-esteem and confidence.

2. Better Sleep

Sleep is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. Children who swim can experience enhanced quality of rest thanks to regular full-body exercise that burns energy and promotes an efficient metabolism process.

Swimming lessons provide an enjoyable way to build water confidence and decrease the risk of drowning, particularly among babies who have an automatic gag reflex. Swimming also allows parents to bond with their babies while helping them feel at ease in the water.

Babies naturally develop an affinity for water after spending nine months within their mother’s womb, so swimming should start from birth as soon as they have completed all injections and received any vaccinations. Swimming provides both freedom and gentle exercise that’s great for freedom seekers as well as providing an outlet to de-stress. Alternating stretches and rhythmic breathing provide similar stress-relief qualities of yoga.

3. Increased Confidence

Swimming can be an invaluable way to build confidence in children, helping them overcome any fear they have of water – particularly when done as part of a group setting with other kids. Baby swim lessons offer immense value by helping build social responsibility and self-esteem among their participants.

Not to be overlooked is that when babies swim, it stimulates both sides of their brain, prompting more neural pathways to form faster than non-swimmers & aid in improving cognitive development as well as memory retention.

Children who are confident swimmers often demonstrate improved hippocampus function, the area responsible for memory and learning. Parents can start building their child’s water confidence from an early age by engaging them in bath time fun such as splashing, blowing bubbles and singing songs – activities which may help build the essential hippocampus function and promote memory formation and learning.

4. Increased Physical Activity

Swimming lessons provide your baby with an outlet to expend energy and learn new movements, with many parents reporting an increased appetite after lessons both for food and sleep!

Swimming provides an amazing all-body workout and stimulates the hippocampus – which aids with memory retention – of your brain responsible for growth and development. This combined workout helps build muscle strength while stimulating this key region of the hippocampus, which also plays an integral part in learning new information.

Swimming lessons also foster the development of large muscle motor skills that are critical for crawling and walking at an appropriate time. Swimming engages muscles that don’t normally get worked during everyday play activities in ways they are stimulated during swimming classes.

5. Stronger Muscles

Swimming provides your baby with a full-body workout, helping develop and strengthen their muscles. Swimming provides especially important large muscle motor development for crawling and walking skills development.

Swimming promotes the development of your baby’s corpus callosum, the connective tissue between their two halves of their brain. This facilitates communication, feedback and modulation between both sides.

Scientific research has demonstrated that children who participate in swimming year round develop better cognitive abilities, faster sensorimotor development and stronger, more coordinated muscles. Plus, the movement your kid receives during swim lessons helps promote digestion while keeping weight under control – and also burns calories more effectively at night! A win for everyone.

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