The Singapore education system divides education into two portions, namely primary and secondary education. This essay is about primary education and several benefits gained by HBL- Home Based Learning.

Students in primary school must complete a six-year course designed to build their fundamental basis while also instilling morality and good values.

Literacy, numeracy, character development, and problem-solving abilities are all important aspects of education. To cover all of these, the elementary level curriculum includes English language, mother tongue, and mathematics.

HBL, or Home-Based Learning, is an in-home project sponsored by the Singapore Ministry of Education. This attempt was made to instil self-control and awareness. Comprehending the home-based learning model, will help you to realise and access all of the system’s benefits, as well as attain a better understanding of PSLE-the educational system’s hallmark According to the Ministry of Education, a student will follow the HBL primary school model of learning for the six years of primary school.


  1. Protected environment: Home is considered to be the safest of all, Home-Based learning facilitates studying in a safe environment.
  2. Pace over Race: In HBL, a student can go according to his own pace rather than racing with the peers. This will allow the student to comprehend every concept with the utmost discipline.
  3. Stretchy Schedule: Home-Based Learning enables a student to learn whenever comfortable, this gives flexibility and freedom to their schedule.
  4. No Fear of Interaction: Some students feel judged and are unable to express their thoughts; yet, in HBL, students are more receptive to conversation due to the absence of peers.
  5. Time-efficient: Before HBL, one has to travel to school even if it was for a short lesson; but now HBL enables one to make time for family, extracurricular activities, and revision, but with all this it also comes with a great responsibility of managing the time with proper scheduling.
  6. Accuracy of Notes: Before HBL was implemented, students were observed scribbling notes rather than understanding them in order to keep up with others’ pace. However, with HBL, one can easily inscribe the notes after grasping the concept thanks to digital initiatives like recorded lessons.


Primary Tuition is a unique method that helps students learn beyond the box. The curriculum of the tutoring programs includes subjects that promote children’s interest. The one-on-one interactions between students and teachers give students more courage to express their doubts out loud without worrying about being judged. To advance to the secondary level, all students must take the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination), and primary tuition can assist them in achieving their AL Score objective.


Primary tuition in Singapore offers a unique approach to education, focusing on home-based learning (HBL) for six years of primary school. HBL, sponsored by the Singapore Ministry of Education, aims to instill self-control and awareness in students. The six-year curriculum includes English language, mother tongue, and mathematics. HBL offers several advantages, including a safe environment, flexibility, no fear of interaction, time efficiency, and improved note accuracy. Primary tuition also helps students understand the complexity of primary level by promoting children’s interests and encouraging one-on-one interactions with teachers. By completing the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination), students can advance to the secondary level and achieve their PSLE AL Score objective through HBL. By understanding the benefits of HBL, students can better understand the educational system and achieve their educational goals.

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