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Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Are you in need of an innovative IT service provider? Look no further than Clair Services! With over 40 years of experience in business administration, people, and project management, Clair Services is the perfect partner to help you reach your business goals and help you to become a top tech companies in Maryland. At Clair Services, they believe that the key to achieving success for any business lies in a comprehensive process.

Initial Contact

This process begins with initial contact, where Clair Services professionals get to know the clients, learn about their needs, and discuss how they can assist you.

Requirement Gathering

Once this initial contact has been made, Clair Services, the leading IT outsourcing companies in USA, then moves on to the requirements-gathering stage. In this phase, they compile a comprehensive review of the client’s needs and objectives. This allows them to assess better what is needed to create the perfect IT solution.

Solution Proposal

The next step in the process is the solution proposal. Here, Clair Services offers a custom-made IT solution tailored to your specific needs. They take into account any current IT infrastructure as well as any unique circumstances that may be present.

Contract Agreement

Clair Services put together a legally binding agreement that outlines the specifics of our proposed IT solution and its implementation. Once both parties sign this agreement, they move on to the handover phase.


In the handover phase, Clair Services transfers all control of the project to their client. This includes access to all documentation associated with the project as well as access to their team of experts for any technical assistance they may need.


Here, Clair Services begins putting together the actual IT solution so it can be put into practice. They work closely with their clients during this stage to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Planning Stage

Here, Clair Services creates an overall plan for maintaining and improving our IT solution over time. This includes future upgrades and modifications that may be needed in order for the IT solution to remain effective and up-to-date.


At Clair Services, they understand that every business is unique and has different needs. That’s why its process is tailored specifically for each individual client. It strives to provide innovative IT outsourcing Virginia solutions that meet all of your needs.

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