Hair Brush Packaging: Creating a Lasting Impression in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is a very prosperous and competitive one with many different products available from many different brands. It is difficult standing out here because they are so many established brands present and other brands all aiming to get the attention of shoppers.

 If you sell hair brushes, there are many other businesses that sell these also and you will need to be able to stand out if you want people to consider buying your hair brushes. Hair brush packaging done right can make people be drawn to the product you are selling which can end up in resulting in an increase in sales.

If you are interested in knowing how this packaging can create a lasting impression, continue reading on to learn more:

Place in a strong box

When a customer buys a hair brush, they will not want to end up with one that has its bristles damaged or broken. The hair brush will be useless to use and will probably be returned. When you place the product in a strong box, you can protect it from getting damaged. The customer will be pleased when they get the product in excellent quality.

You should choose packaging which will protect the hair brush from getting damaged from external influences. There are different strong packaging materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft which will be able to provide you with strong packaging good for protecting the hair brush and leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Sustainable packaging

Brands are nowadays able to produce a good impression when they choose ecofriendly packaging that will not be harmful to the environment. The packaging in this category will be such that it will not stay for years in landfills or oceans and so damage them further.

Hair brush boxes should be recyclable, reusable, renewable, and or biodegradable because these boxes are the ones that are sustainable. You should print the packaging with inks that will not make the boxes be unsustainable.

Perfect packaging

Brands that focus on making the box be right in size will be showing their brand positively to customers. When people look at the box they should get a realistic idea of what size hair brush is in the box. The size should not give a wrong impression to people and a brand must not waste packaging material on a box that is extremely large.

You should try and make the box in a size that will comfortably fit the hair brush in it. There should be enough room present around the hair brush so that movement is limited.

Details about hair brush

Shoppers should immediately know about the hair brush you are selling when they look at the packaging. They can know this when you include the details about the product on the box in a way that people can read it easily without being confused.

You can let people know what the hair brush is made from, any warnings it has, etc. Do not include too many details so that people can immediately know about the product. Choose an interesting looking and readable font to include the details in if you want people to even read them.

Increase brand awareness

Hair brush boxes wholesale must be able to help with branding so that people will know about your brand being the one selling the product. If you want to do this, you will need to add your brand name, logo or slogan on the box. People should have a way to recognize the products from your brand and a brand logo can help here.

There are times when customers may want to contact the business so that they can find out details about its products or they may have some queries. This is why it will be helpful to add your brand information like phone number, physical address, email address, website, etc. on these boxes.


Colors on packaging have the ability to make the box attractive but you should include those which have some significance. If you are a brand that sells sustainable products, the packaging can be brown for instance as this color suggests natural stuff.

Companies that are selling high-end hair brushes may include colors like black or purple on these boxes. The colors are able to give a good image to people.

Custom hair brush boxes are an important part of the product due to the fact that they are able to create a lasting impression on people. They may be the first thing that the customer is drawn to of the product which convinces them to communicate with it.

Only when people notice it may they regard it and buy it. A brand needs to concentrate on making unique packaging that is trending so that it can stand out and make people want to get the product.

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