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Welcome to Dermasist Innovation Lab a well-established and reckoned cosmetics research lab in Punjab. We are serving emerging brands by providing them with an ample range of beauty and skin care products manufacturing. We render cosmetics analysis and testing services to make sure the products are highly safe, effective, and able to deliver quality results. Our core objective is to provide you with assistance from starting to the end point of cosmetic manufacturing. Therefore, we do the right selection of raw materials to be used for the final manufacturing of the products by fulfilling various regulatory parameters.

What does the cosmetic research lab do?

When it comes to ensuring the reliability and safety of beauty products, the role of the cosmetics testing laboratory in Punjab comes into play. We make sure that your product is the epitome of the consumer market where the demand for cosmetics is high. Apart from this, we ensure the efficacy and authenticity of your products to mitigate the risk of failure. We are aimed at making the entire journey of cosmetic manufacturing smooth and flawless for you. For this, we perform various tests required for hassle-free registration of cosmetics for leading cosmetic brands, traders, and exporters.

Why choose us?

It is always important to choose a reliable cosmetic manufacturing partner. It will prevent you from any discrepancies relating to the production of cosmetic lines. Also, you will be able to embrace the quality of beauty products which are tested and validated by the experts. So, take a look at the reasons to choose our cosmetic testing lab in Punjab for all of your cosmetic manufacturing needs.

We use high-grade technology

We have set up a facility that is laced with high-tech tools and equipment. As a cosmetic brand, you can get service for manufacturing products that pass through the integral processes of formulation development and testing. We have qualified personnel such as formulators, developers, testers, and researchers who are involved in the whole process of manufacturing and testing. Thus, we ensure that the formulation for your products is free from contamination and has the best-quality formulation for delivering superior outcomes.

Planning and Control

The core procedure of cosmetic manufacturing is not easier to proceed without planning. Therefore, we support you from the beginning to develop successful products. Thus, we make plans in our cosmetics research lab in Punjab regarding the portion of ingredients to be used for every product. Also, we will plan for material resources to be used for manufacturing the products. Our formulators will use a controlled amount of ingredients and raw materials which are needed for the final manufacturing of beauty and skin care products. Therefore, it will make the core process of cosmetic manufacturing efficient and productive for you.

Cosmetic testing and certification

Every beauty product needs to be tested before launching to the consumer market. Therefore, testing is an important phase of the manufacturing process that cannot be neglected. Our cosmetics testing laboratory in Punjab is laced with experimental tools to perform various tests to confirm the quality of products. This involves microbiological and stability tests for the products that make them easily registered for launch in the market.

To sum up

Dermasist Innovation Lab is your trusted growth partner in the cosmetic industry. We make the manufacturing of beauty products safe and documented with testing, the right formulation, and natural ingredients infusion. Thus, you can trust our cosmetic testing lab in Punjab to get a perfect cosmetic line and can grow your brand. We make the manufacturing and testing processes completely safe and smooth for you.

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