Temples of Goa

Glorious Temples in Goa That Fascinate Tourism

Well, Goa is an emotion, when it comes to tourism, every person wants to explore it once in their life. 

Well, there are many people out there who still have the misconception that Goa is only about partying and beaches, but that’s not it…there are lots of temples in Goa that will be stuck in your heart after visiting once. 

Here is the list of temples in Goa that you will love to explore, so just make your next trip hassle-free with Goa Darling. 

  • Mahadev Temple, Goa

Mahadev Temple is considered one of the oldest temples in the entire region. 

The place is purely historical and the linga is perched in the inner sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Moreover, the structure represents the Kadamba-Yadav architectural style, making the temple more fascinating and the icing on the cake. 

The place is located in the dense jungle; it is described as a hidden gem of Goa. The green surrounding adds more beauty to the place. 

Also, it can be one of the Best Goa deals for you, if you are visiting this temple during the time of Navratri. 

  • Mangeshi Temple, Goa

With a history of more than 450 years, the Sri Mangeshi Temple in Goa is one of the largest and most visited temples in the land of the sea and the sun. It is dedicated to Lord Mangesh, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, who is worshiped here as a linga. 

The temple architecture is a beautiful sight of balustrades, domes, and columns. A beautiful pond is part of the temple grounds. At the entrance, you will find a deep seven-story octagonal stambha or lamp tower. 

Built-in the style of a Goan temple, this majestic tower becomes a sight to behold when lit by oil lamps at night. 

If you visit this temple on a Monday evening, you will see the weekly procession of Lord Mangesh in a palanquin; it takes place before the evening Aarti. 

Interestingly, you will unlikely find another temple dedicated to Lord Mangesh in any other part of India. So, don’t forget to visit this temple during your trip to Goa.

  • Shri Shantadurga Temple, Goa

If you want your tour package to be one of the Best Goa deals, then Shantadurga temple should be on the list. A large temple is located under Kavlem village in Ponda Taluka. 

This temple is considered one of the most important and grand temples in Goa. It is dedicated to Goddess Shantadurga who is the goddess of peace. 

The deity Shantadurga is shown holding two snakes in each hand representing Vishnu and Shiva. This avatar of Shree Jagdamba Devi who came to make peace between Shree Vishnu and Shree Shiva came to be known as Shree Shantadurga Devi. 

The temple is a blend of Indo-Portuguese architecture. Unlike other temples in Goa, the temple has a pyramidal Shikara, Roman windows with openings, and a flat dome surrounded by balustrades.

The brown, peach, and white colours of the temple give the temple a very beautiful look. The other most important draw of the temple complex is the Nayan Manohar Deepsthamba. This Deepstambh shines during festivals and its beauty is indescribable.

  • Brahma Temple, Goa 

The temple is purely dedicated to Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, as per the mythological facts in Hinduism. The temple is believed to date back to the 12th century, and the idol of Lord Brahma is incarnated, in which he appears with Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. 

Well, the serenity of the place attracts most tourists and it is located in Valpoi, Satari. 

The temple has a calm ambiance and aura that will just soothe & heal your soul. 

The Conclusion

So, this was all about the spiritual places of Goa, so just book your Best Goa deals with any Best tour and travel agency in India for ex: Goa Darling.  Enjoy these places with your friends and families and just vanish in the charm of these temples. 

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