Glam up your store with Gondola Shelving retail displays

Glam up your store with Gondola Shelving retail displays

Do you own a retail store in which you have a variety of products to sell? If yes, then it is crucial to use the space of the store efficiently to display the merchandise for advertising. Double sided gondola shelving by Media Store Display is definitely a solution worth spending for. You can use it to serve the dual purpose of space management and promotion of your merchandise. These shelves are made from solid metal and come with the ability to add a base of shelves. The horizontal beam of shelving holds the base shelves where you can keep your stock for display. The idea of using such shelving is good for retail stores having less space.

Who can use the gondola shelves?

Every retail space which is intended to exhibit a variety of products can use gondola shelving double sided displays. You can generally see these shelves placed inside supermarkets such as groceries, fruits, and vegetables. Also, mobiles, electronics, pharmacies, and cosmetic retailers make use of such shelving. So, it is certain that bringing the idea of using these shelves would add more advantages to your retail business. You can carry out day-to-day business activities without having to worry about managing space. Let’s check below how these shelves are beneficial to your business.

  • Avoid clutter inside your store

Gondola shelving is an ideal shop fitting that can add more space to your retail outlet. You can place the shelves inside your store to free up the space for additional products. For instance, you can create separate sections for smoke and wine shops with double sided gondola shelving. These shelves are easy to place as they require no additional fitting. Just place the shelving base wherever you want inside the store. Connect the shelves to the beam and place your products on them. These versatile and affordable shelves are helpful in creating a more effective retail shop layout. Also, you don’t have to create a mess around your billing counter as gondola shelves free up the space efficiently.

  • Customize to your specific needs

You can achieve great advantage of storage and display with gondola shelving double sided fittings. They are versatile and are ideal to use with customization to serve specific requirements. You can easily set up these shelves and opt to use them as per needs. For instance, you can add more space for your stock by installing pegboard hooks to shelving. These hooks are easy to fit into the small holes of the shelving beam to hang more products. If you own a garment store, you can use such space for more product display. Also, for a mobile shop, you can use pegboard hooks with gondola shelves to display accessories like covers, earphones, etc.

  • Maximize the retail shop storage

No matter what you are selling to customers, you probably want them to deliver the best shopping experience. Therefore, opting for gondola shelving brings you flexibility to maximize storage space. You can place the gondola shelving base in a row to display your products. It’s better to align them in the center space of your retail outlet since these shelves have double sides. Thus, you can use both sides to store your goods for display to customers. In addition to this, you can enable visitors to find the required products easily. They can identify the specific products to buy which saves them time. Also, you can display the price tags of the products for customers.

Is it affordable to use double sided gondola shelving?

Of course, it is! These shelves are really affordable to use since they are durable and made from solid material. Thus, you can invest them at once to attain the advantage of shelving for a longer time. Moreover, you don’t need to replace the shelves with an increasing amount of stock. You can add more shelves to the beam to manage space.

To sum up

At Media Store Display, we are the certified suppliers of double sided gondola shelving fixtures. So, you can consult us to get the best design and layout for resolving the storage space of your outlet. Our gondola shelves are ultra-durable, designer, and easy to install.

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