Carex Complete Hand Wash: Your Guide to Ultimate Cleanliness

The most of disease in a person occurs through intestinal bacteria. But how do all these bacteria get into your intestine? These are transferred to your body in foods eaten with your hands. 

Hence, it is very important to maintain good hygiene for hands. It will avoid bacterial contamination and spreading of the same. 

You must choose a better hand wash. Probably you can move further with beneficial hand wash like Carex Complete hand wash.

Your hands have millions of bacteria transferred from one person to another through objects. A person unknowingly would further pass on these germs to their own body. 

You can overcome such problems with simple washing habits. Hence, here side you can make a guide for ultimate cleanliness with washing hands. 

Follow these steps perfectly 

Here are some of the simple steps to follow for proper hand washing. You can implement it in your lifestyle and see the changes. 

  1. Drop out much of the water to your hands firstly 
  2. Apply a proper layer of the soap all over your hands 
  3. Rub your hands in a better way to clean each corner. 
  4. Scrub your hands in a way one over the other. It will help you make a proper cleaning of the middle portion of your fingers. Repeat the same process on the other hand. 
  5. Repeat the same process until you feel a proper cleaning of your hands 
  6. Rub the fingers on the back side interlocking each other. 
  7. Grab the thumb interlock it with your hand and clean the area properly. Make the same process again on another hand. 
  8. Don’t forget to clean up the tip of your finger. 
  9. Using a clean brush you need to clean the nails and remove the dirt attached to it. 
  10. Now wash your hands completely in a proper manner with water 
  11. Dry off your hands before you touch any other object. For this, you can prefer to use disposable towels. You can also opt for air dry cleaning if available. 
  12. After you completely wash your hands, use a disposable towel to clean the tap to avoid further contamination. 

Tips to follow up 

You can implement the following tips with better cleaning along with using Carex complete hand wash. Using this particular hand wash will make your cleaning more effective. 

Wash your hands at regular time intervals during the day 

It is a good habit to wash your hands at regular intervals in your day. Also, you should note to not forget the hand washing at these times. 

  • When the hands get dirty noticeably 
  • wash it when you need to prepare the food 
  • of course, it is mandatory to wash hands before having a meal 
  • Use proper cleaning tips after using the toilet 
  • After touching the product like a dirty diaper 
  • Don’t forget to sanitize your hands before wearing contact lenses 
  • Never touch your face with dirty hands. If so it becomes the main reason for the development of acne and pimples. 
  • Wash hands properly when you sit to clean a wounded area 
  • If suffering from a cold and cough, wash or sanitize your hands as many times as you clean your nose 
  • After and before touching a surface that gets exposed to a diseased person 
  • Wash up your hands after cleaning up garbage 
  • Clean your hands after touching pets or even their excreta 

Wash your hands thoroughly using hand wash at least for 20 seconds 

International health organizations suggest a person wash their hands at least for 20-30 seconds. For the reference of time, you can enjoy washing your hands while singing a song. 

Preferably make use of any temperature water 

Many people sit with myths that cleaning hands with temperature water kills more bacteria. 

But this is not the real case instead the cleaning gets affected by the technique to remove bacteria. Only you need to combine the washing with Carex complete hand wash. 

Use of proper hand wash 

Only water can help you clean out the dirt but not bacteria. For this, you need to choose a proper hand wash. It should contain some chemicals that possess properties like antibacterial, bactericidal, etc. 

Also, you can combine hand wash or sanitizers containing some percentage of alcohol. But make sure it does not prove harsh to your skin due to the presence of more chemicals. 

Spread awareness among children to wash their hands frequently 

It is a very important task attached to the health of a child to wash their hands frequently. Children have more tendency to get ill due to playing outside in the soil. 

It has millions of bacteria that prove pathogenic to the body. Also, they may touch different places exposed to bacteria like pets, toilets, and more. 

Adults can demonstration to their kids how to wash hands effectively. Also, you can prefer to make them a reminder to wash hands frequently in a day. 

Make a proper drying of hands 

Microbes can attach to your wet hands more as compared to dried ones. Hence, it is also important to consider wiping your hands using a clean cloth or tissue. 

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