Fundamentals of creative writing

I love small stories with happy endings that talk about things that happen every day. Of course, as long as I believe them and they are real.

If they are like the photos on the networks or like a thirty-year-old face on someone who is seventy or like a perfect couple, well, I think they are giving me a hard time. To write them you have to have a lucid outlook, because sometimes the scariest character is the most daring, or a famous actor is the most embarrassing, or that very normal woman, in a heroic act, can save the world.


It is not easy to express the character’s internal world through his actions, nor is it easy to see our own internal world.


It is not easy to express the character’s inner world through his actions, although there is no other way to do it. Just as it is not easy to see our own internal world.

When memoir ghostwriting services you have to go beyond appearance to air desires, hatreds, fears, longings, loves, phobias, resentments, regrets, passions… that are not told to anyone. Sometimes I don’t even recognize them in myself, sometimes I am not even aware of these sensations. But even if I don’t see them, they are the ones that pull me. I can feel that.

These hidden sensations become present before me in a stealthy and unpredictable way, let’s say they disguise themselves. I’m on the lookout to discover them. I see some sensation quickly. For example, I am a peaceful person, but from time to time a bad response jumps out at me like a spring. And I am left upset, with a discomfort like a ball of metal in my stomach. I need to understand why the spring jumped because sometimes it turns out to be a defense and other times an attack. When I understand it I can apologize or I know what to do.

I have other sensations that I spend a lot of time thinking about. For thirty years I have spent the mornings at a job that bored me and the afternoons dedicated to writing and dancing. In my work I have experienced envy, burned colleagues and I have been close to a file and a trial. And I was always tired. Writing and dancing have always been good for me and I haven’t given up on them no matter how exhausted I was. Finally, this summer I have had the courage to try to make a living from what I am passionate about.


Today I try to dedicate myself to writing and I live with uncertainty. A feeling of having no ground under your feet. And I perceive that in uncertainty there is a lot of fear. And here I am, holding the fear. Even when the situation is…


Well, behind balls of metal, exhaustion, bad environments, excessive conflicts, lack of communication, feelings of discomfort in the body… there is usually a contradiction. I have a comfortable job, but I don’t like it, I get angry and attack because I don’t know how to say no, I’m tired of taking care of my sick mother even though I know I want to do it, I’m very afraid of death, but I see it in the distance and I think that It doesn’t worry me, I fear loneliness but I don’t feel like living with anyone, I love my friends very much but they bore me… These contradictions that we all carry inside are the material for understanding ourselves and for writing.

Now I’m trying to dedicate myself to writing and I live with uncertainty. It is a feeling of having no ground under your feet. And I perceive that in uncertainty there is a lot of fear. And here I am, holding the fear. Even when the situation is good, chosen and we want it, it comes with conflict.

Conflict is the rock that haunts Indiana Jones in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is an obstacle that seems like it is going to crush you and from which you have no idea how to escape. It’s scary how big and solid the stone is and how small and fragile Indiana Jones is. And that’s Indiana Jones! So it’s normal that many times I don’t want to see my conflicts. Plus, I have a lower opinion of myself than I do of Indiana Jones. Although I am, at least, equally adventurous and brave.

He has a script and I have the writing. I sit down to write to create the stone, push it and watch it roll faster and faster until it almost reaches my protagonist, who always, with the breath of the stone on his neck, finds a way to do something. Whatever. I feel the fear of him until I get that click, and I know what he’s going to do. I have to sustain it to reach that change that is a level above the solutions that she and I knew until now. It is magical and liberating to finally see that stone falling down a ravine from a safe place.


What is happiness for you? It’s being where I choose to be. And writing helps me a lot because by writing I realize what I want and what I don’t.


I don’t forget to talk about happiness in small stories. Recently my dear friend Leo asked me what happiness means to me. And I said it’s being where I choose to be. He tried to make it more difficult: “And if you’re at a wake, are you happy too?” I said I couldn’t be anywhere else if that wake was for someone I loved. So happiness for me is doing what my heart wants to do: cry, hug, laugh or hit the table. Difficult, right?

Well, Book Marketing Agency helps a lot, because by writing I realize what I want and what I don’t. My protagonist reaches that understanding that she did not know until now, and I with her. That’s why I put her in complicated situations. If her mother is sick, they offer her life’s work away from her. If she stays to take care of her, she really wants to do it. If things don’t happen, how can I know that this is really her choice? Her actions tell me what she wants or doesn’t want. And through it, I discover myself.

In happiness there is always a B side which is resignation or pain. My protagonist is getting married. It is his happy moment. But he also ends his life without responsibilities. Later he increases his happiness with a son. And fears come and she is always tired. I can put the conflict wherever I want, but side A and B cannot be one without the other, I can’t stay with just one, they are in the same place. In fact, I appreciate happiness differently if I am aware of pain.

My gaze as a writer has to open itself to the conflict to see its background and its depth. I have to stop judging to open myself to the enormous amount of nuances of what is happening. Live the adventure of life and writing with all its richness, without missing anything. Although it overwhelms me. This way I create a bridge between life and writing that makes me happy because I don’t want to be anywhere else.


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