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Freshen Up Your Historic Projects with Skilled C-Sharpe Restoration Consultants!

Building standing tall and old is a beautiful sight to behold, but years of aging and weathering can take its toll on a structure’s structural integrity. Renovations and restorations are important to maintain a building’s lifespan, as well as ensure the safety of those who inhabit the space. For all your building restoration needs, C-Sharpe offers the experienced skilled historic restoration contractor you need. What more do they have to offer:

Waterproof and Specialty Wall Coatings

To ensure that your building envelope is protected from moisture damage, C-Sharpe offers a variety of waterproof coatings for walls and other surfaces. They also offer specialty coatings that are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce condensation on walls.

Structural Concrete Repair

Whether you need to repair cracks in foundation walls or need to fill in gaps between concrete panels, C-Sharpe can provide structural concrete repair services to strengthen the building envelope. They can also provide remedial advice on how best to repair any damages to the building envelope.

Water Restoration

C-Sharpe is the top water restoration company in the region. They specialize in repairing water damage to building envelopes, including roofing, siding, stucco, masonry, and more. With years of experience in water damage repair, you can trust C-Sharpe to handle all your water restoration needs.

Waterproof Deck Coatings

To protect your deck from moisture damage, C-Sharpe can provide waterproof deck coatings that are designed to seal out moisture while still allowing the deck to breathe. This will help extend the life of your deck and reduce the chances of costly repairs down the line.

Wall Cladding Repair and Replacement

If your building envelope has been damaged by weathering or other factors, C-Sharpe can provide wall cladding repair and replacement services. They can also provide advice on which cladding material is best suited for your building’s needs.

Handrail Replacement and Remediation

To ensure that your handrails are up to code and safe to use, C-Sharpe provides handrail replacement and remediation services. Their experienced technicians can inspect existing handrails and recommend necessary repairs or replacements if needed.


When it comes to restoring buildings standing tall and old, you need experienced and skilled historic and building envelope consultants like C-Sharpe. With years of experience in building envelope repairs and restorations, you can trust that they will do a thorough job!

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