Find the Perfect Combination of Warmth and Style with Fireplaces from The Original Flame

The Original Flame stands out as a highly dependable supplier of fireplaces and a go-to provider of comprehensive HVAC services in the Peterborough and Lindsay areas. As a fully insured and licenced TSSA contractor, the company is locally owned and operated under the supervision of Jim Harrison, the new owner who merged his company, JRH Enterprise.

Products Offered

The Original Flame takes great pride in offering a diverse product lineup that can find a place in any type of home.

  • Fireplaces: Customers can choose from an array of gas, electric, and ethanol fireplaces in various styles and designs. The company also offers custom stone finishes or wood cabinetry and mantels for a personalised touch.
  • Inserts: Customers can replace their old and inefficient fireplaces with energy-efficient and modern ones with their gas and electric fireplace inserts.
  • Stoves: Customers can get highly efficient and rustic gas and pellet stoves to go along with any interior. The Original Flame also provides appliances and cook stoves for hearing and cooking.
  • Air Conditioners: The Original Flame provides air conditioners from reputed brands like Continental and Bosch, with additional installation and service offerings for them.
  • Furnaces: At the Original Flame, customers can explore their selection of furnaces from trusted brands such as Continental and Bosch.
  • BBQ and Grills: The Original Flame provides customers with BBQ and grills from well-known brands such as Sabre and Kamado Joe. The company also provides accessories and fuel for everyone’s outdoor cooking needs.

Services offered by The Original Flame

Apart from the products mentioned below, The Original Flame also provides related services through JRH Enterprises.

  • Fireplace Service and Installation: Individuals seeking a gas, wood, electric, or ethanol fireplace can rely on JRH Enterprises Heating & Cooling to assist them in finding the ideal model for their space and style.
  • Hot Water Tanks: For those looking to save money and energy on hot water heating, individuals may consider upgrading to a new high-efficiency hot water tank with assistance from JRH Enterprises Heating & Cooling. The company can guide them in selecting the optimal option for their home and handle the installation process.
  • Gas Piping and Installation: For individuals with gas appliances in their homes, such as stoves, dryers, or BBQs, it is crucial to enlist the expertise of a licenced gas fitter for proper installation and servicing. JRH Enterprises Heating & Cooling possesses the skills and experience necessary to handle any gas piping and appliance installation project.
  • HVAC repairs: In cases where individuals experience issues with their furnace or air conditioner, they require a fast and reliable HVAC repair service. JRH Enterprises Heating & Cooling stands ready to provide assistance. The company boasts a team of courteous and qualified HVAC contractors who can diagnose and address any problems with the heating or cooling system.

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About the Original Flame

The Original Flame is the preferred supplier for a wide range of products, including fireplaces, stoves, inserts, fire pits, fire bowls, hot water tanks, heating and cooling systems, and more, looking after the needs of Peterborough and its surrounding areas.

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