Fill Finish Biopharmaceuticals market Professional Survey Report by 2035

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Key Market Insights


  • Over 175 players worldwide claim to have the necessary capabilities to offer fill / finish services for a variety of biological interventions
  • The market is highly fragmented, featuring the presence of both new entrants and well-established players, offering fill and finish services for different types of packaging containers at various scales of operation
  • To cater to the evolving needs of clients / sponsors across the world, companies have established presence in multiple regions around the globe; Europe is the hub for fill / finish facilities
  • In pursuit of building a competitive edge, stakeholders are actively upgrading their existing capabilities and enhancing their respective service offerings to comply with the evolving industry benchmarks
  • Over the past few years, the field has witnessed a notable increase in expansion and partnership activity for biologics fill / finish capabilities
  • Majority of the fill / finish capacity is installed in facilities established by large players; more than 40% of the available capacity is installed in facilities located in Europe
  • By 2035, over 50% of the demand for fill / finish services is likely to be generated from filling of vials; a sizeable proportion of the current demand is being generated from commercialized drug products
  • In order to meet the anticipated demand growth in the foreseen future, we expect stakeholders to continue to expand their facilities to further strengthen the supply-side
  • The overall opportunity in biologics fill finish services market is likely to grow at a CAGR of ~10%; it is expected to be well distributed across different scales of operation, types of biologics and packaging containers
  • In the long-term, the majority share of revenues is likely to be driven by players offering fill/finish services for products intended for treating oncological and infectious diseases


Table of Content


1.1.               Scope of the Report

1.2.               Market Segmentation

1.3.               Research Methodology

1.4.               Key Questions Answered

1.5.               Chapter Outlines





3.1.               Chapter Overview

3.2.               Introduction to Biologics

3.3.               Need for Outsourcing Biologics-related Operations

3.4.               Introduction to Contract Manufacturing  

3.5.               Commonly Outsourced Operations in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

3.6.               Basic Guidelines for Selecting a Fill / Finish Service Provider

3.7.               Advantages of Outsourcing Fill / Finish Operations


3.8.               Risks and Challenges of Outsourcing Fill / Finish Operations


  1. Biologics Fill / Finish Service providers: MARKET LANDSCAPE

4.1.               Chapter Overview 

4.2.               Biologics Fill / Finish Service Providers: Overall Market Landscape


  1. Company Competitiveness Analysis

5.1.               Chapter Overview

5.2.               Methodology and Key Parameters


5.3.               Biologics Fill / Finish Service Providers in North America

5.4.               Biologics Fill / Finish Service Providers in Europe

5.5.               Biologics Fill / Finish Service Providers in Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World



6.1.               Chapter Overview

6.2.               AbbVie Contract Manufacturing

6.2.1.            Company Overview

6.2.2.            Service Portfolio

6.2.3.            Financial Information

6.2.4.            Recent Developments and Future Outlook

6.3.               BioPharma Solutions

6.4.               BioReliance      

6.5.               Catalent Biologics

6.6.               Patheon

6.7.               Charles River Laboratories


  1. Biologics Fill / Finish Service Providers in Europe

7.1.               Chapter Overview

7.2.               Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence

7.2.1.            Company Overview

7.2.2.            Service Portfolio

7.2.3.            Financial Information

7.2.4.            Recent Developments and Future Outlook

7.3.               Lonza

7.4.               Pierre Fabre      

7.5.               Recipharm        

7.6.               Wacker Biotech

7.7.               Fareva

7.8.               Fresenius Kabi

7.9.               Glaxo SmithKline


  1. Biologics Fill / Finish Service Providers in Asia-Pacific

8.1.               Chapter Overview

8.2.               Asymchem

8.3.               Samsung Biologics

8.4.               Syngene

8.4.1.            Company Overview

8.5.               Takara Bio

8.6.               WuXi Biologics

8.7.               Hetero Drugs

8.8.               Intas Pharmaceuticals


  1. Partnerships and Collaborations

9.1.               Chapter Overview

9.2.               Partnership Models

9.3.               Biologics Fill / Finish Service Providers: List of Partnerships and Collaborations


  1. Recent Expansions

10.1.             Chapter Overview

10.2.             Biologics Fill / Finish Service Providers: Recent Expansions


  1. Capacity Analysis

11.1.             Chapter Overview

11.2.             Assumptions and Methodology

11.3.             Global Fill / Finish Capacity (by Number of Units Filled)

11.4.             Global Fill / Finish Capacity (by Fill Volume)

11.5.             Global Fill / Finish Capacity for Ampoules (by Number of Units Filled)           

11.6.             Global Fill / Finish Capacity for Ampoules (by Fill Volume)    

11.7.             Global Fill / Finish Capacity for Cartridges (by Number of Units Filled)          

11.8.             Global Fill / Finish Capacity for Cartridges (by Fill Volume)    

11.9.             Global Fill / Finish Capacity for Syringes (by Number of Units Filled) 

11.10.           Global Fill / Finish Capacity for Syringes (by Fill Volume)

11.11.           Global Fill / Finish Capacity for Vials (by Number of Units Filled)       

11.12.           Global Fill / Finish Capacity for Vials (by Fill Volume)

11.13.           Conclusion


  1. Demand Analysis

12.1.             Chapter Overview

12.2.             Assumptions and Methodology

12.3.             Global Demand for Biologics Fill / Finish Services

12.4.             Demand and Supply Analysis



13.1.               Chapter Overview

13.2.               Biologics Manufacturing and Fill / Finish: Key Performance Indicators


  1. regional Capability AssessMent

14.1.             Chapter Overview

14.2.             Assumptions and Key Parameters

14.3.             Biologics Fill / Finish Capabilities in North America

14.4.             Biologics Fill / Finish Capabilities in Europe

14.5.             Biologics Fill / Finish Capabilities in Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World

14.6.             Regional analysis of installed biologics fill / finish capacity

14.7.             Concluding Remarks


  1. Market Sizing and Opportunity Analysis


15.1.             Chapter Overview

15.2.             Forecast Methodology

15.3.             Overall Biologics Fill Finish Market, 2022-2035

15.4.             Biologics Fill / Finish Services Market for Ampoules, 2022-2035

15.5.             Biologics Fill / Finish Services Market for Cartridges, 2022-2035

15.6.             Biologics Fill / Finish Services Market for Syringes, 2022-2035

15.7.             Biologics Fill / Finish Services Market for Vials, 2022-2035


  1. Future Growth Opportunities

16.1.             Chapter Overview

16.2.             Growing Biopharmaceutical Pipeline

16.3.             Increase in Outsourcing of Fill / Finish Activities

16.4.             Rising Focus on Self-Administration of Drugs

16.5.             Advances in Aseptic Fill / Finish Technologies

16.6.             Growing Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region


  1. Case Study: Robotic Systems in Fill / Finish Operations

17.1.             Chapter Overview

17.2.             Contract Service Providers: List of Fill / Finish Equipment

17.3.             Role of Robotic Systems in Fill / Finish Operations

17.4.             Companies Providing Robots for Use in the Pharmaceutical Industry

17.5.             Companies Providing Isolator-based Aseptic Filling Systems

17.6.             Concluding Remarks


  1. Case Study: Ready-to-Use Packaging Components for Aseptic Fill / Finish

18.1.             Chapter Overview

18.2.             Role of Ready-to-Use Packaging Components in Aseptic Fill / Finish Operations

18.3.             Companies Providing Ready-to-Use Packaging Components

18.4.             Conclusion


  1. Concluding Remarks


  1. Executive Insights

20.1              Chapter Overview

20.2              IDT Biologika

20.3              Cytovance Biologics

20.4.             Syngene

20.5              oncomed manufacturing

20.6              Yposkesi

20.7              HALIX


  1. Appendix 1: Tabulated Data


  1. Appendix 2: List of Companies and Organizations


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