Farmtrac 60 EPI T20

Farmtrac 60 EPI T20 : Where Innovation Meets Agriculture

The Farmtrac 60 EPI T20 tractor holds a significant reputation in India for its cost-effectiveness, reliability, and consistent high performance. Featuring a 50 horsepower engine and a 42.5 horsepower power take-off (PTO), it proves to be a versatile and suitable option for various farming and business activities. Powered by a fuel-efficient 3-cylinder diesel engine, it not only ensures excellent performance but also economical fuel consumption. To safeguard the engine from dust and contaminants, it’s equipped with a dry air cleaner and an oil bath pre-cleaner. The tractor incorporates a 16-speed forward and 4-speed reverse gearbox for smooth and efficient gear shifting, along with a dual-clutch for user-friendly operation. With a robust hydraulic system capable of lifting to 1800 kilograms, it accommodates a wide range of tasks, from heavy lifting to operating hydraulic equipment and attaching various implements. The Farmtrac 60 price falls within the range of Rs. 7.70 – 8.03 lakhs* in India. The Farmtrac 60 EPI T20 offers affordability alongside its noteworthy features and performance. In essence, it stands as a cost-effective yet powerful choice for modern Indian farmers, excelling in efficiency and reliability in agricultural operations.

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