Fantasy Cricket: Choosing The Right Leader For Your Team

Fantasy Cricket: Choosing The Right Leader For Your Team

In every fantasy or real sport, captaincy and vice-captaincy are essential positions for success in the match, tournament, or league. Even in fantasy cricket, captaincy and vice-captaincy matter. On the pitch, team leaders are the best source of motivation and project the team’s playing strategy. Therefore, choosing the right leader will go a long way towards confirming your team’s competitive credentials and spirit.

There are several things to know, like, who should be the right captain or leader for your team—a bowler or a batsman? What is the role and responsibility of the leader in guiding the team to success? What cricket or sports credentials does the potential leader have or hold? Is he or she a good player and strategist when it comes to applying game skills on the pitch? And many other questions and topics can be pondered and discussed.

In this blog, we look at the primary and essential things to look at while choosing a fantasy cricket team captain and vice-captain.

How to Choose the Right Captain and Leader for Your Fantasy Cricket Team

1. Past Playing Record and Fitness

Good players with experience exhibiting highly successful and consistent fantasy cricket scoring and performance are great candidates when thinking about choosing a cricket leader. This is because they have a sharp eye for vital scoreboards or points. How many runs have they scored? Do they have any wickets to their names? How many runouts or catches have they carried out? What are their current performance stats? What are their overall rankings and other career statistics?

2. Tactical Play Skills and Responsibility

Fantasy cricket, like real-life on-field cricket games, requires strategy, skills, and knowledge. The more knowledge and tactical play you apply, the better your winning chances. It is not just fantasy without the application of mental thought processing. Besides, it is also vital to define, in the same vein, the responsibility of the captain and leader. Captains are vital to maintaining team unity and cohesion.

3. Opposing Teams and Match Conditions

Leaders can easily study and analyse their opponents to develop the best playing strategy against them. This they do by looking at each opposing player and their opponent’s captains. Captains know that a cricket pitch can swiftly change from a bowler’s delight to a batter’s paradise. They should have the skill to study and develop a concrete match strategy that gives them great results. If the captain has good results against the opposing team, he has a higher level of confidence in his abilities.

4. All-Rounders, Team Concern, and Availability

All-rounders can shine in the ball, bat, and fielding positions. They have great skill application and adaptation across match situations. Captains must also possess compassion and care for their teammates. They must always be available and accessible for matches and league engagements.


Captains and vice captains are leaders that give fantasy cricket teams purposeful and guided play on the pitch or match. They add tremendous value to team unity, performance, game strategy, and the ability to win matches and points.

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