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Factors to Consider When Choosing a UTV Lift Kit

Do you want to give your UTV something extra? Lift kits are a cost-effective, easy way to go the extra mile. Buying a lift kit can be fun if you consider the right factors. Here are a few points to ponder when choosing a lift kit for your side-by-side.

What Are They?

UTV lift kits are aftermarket accessories that increase a vehicle’s overall height and make it ride more smoothly. These modifications offer a range of benefits, depending on the chosen kit and its purpose. Several lift kit types are available, each offering unique advantages. For instance, a 3 inch lift kit provides additional ground clearance, performance gains, and more.

Lift Kit Benefits

If you’re an off-roader, a lift kit will help you get more out of your UTV. The right lift kit provides improved handling, more power, and a comfortable ride on bumpy trails. Here, we’ll review the most significant benefits of UTV lift kits.

  • Additional ground clearance. Increasing a UTV’s ground clearance is a great way to keep it safe and undamaged. With the installation of a lift kit, the vehicle is raised from the ground and will have a smoother ride over rough terrain. When off-road vehicles have more ground clearance, they’re less likely to be damaged by rocks, logs, and other off-road obstacles.
  • Easier tire upgrades.Lift kit installation allows for the use of larger tires and wheels. The bigger the tire, the more durability, traction, and off-road performance it offers. 
  • Better looks.Lift kits make vehicles look better, and many owners choose them for this reason. 

The right lift kit will give a UTV a more trail-ready look and feel, with bigger tires and additional ground clearance setting it apart. Let our team help you choose the best lift kit for your vehicle.

Lift Kit Types

There are multiple types of lift kits on the market. Whether you want bigger wheels, a better stance, or more ground clearance, understanding the differences between lift kits will help you find the best one for your UTV.

  • Spring spacer lifts are an easy way to get a little lift without complex setup and installation. Best described as an entry-level lift, a spring spacer lift replaces the stock shocks on a UTV. The installation process is simple; all you’ll need is a spring compressor. Spring spacer lifts are a basic alternative, but they get the job done.
  • Bracket lifts are an effective, popular choice, and their wide availability allows users to customize their vehicles easily. A bracket lift moves the vehicle’s shock mounting points into position for suspension upgrades. Not only will a bracket lift offer an improved driving experience, but it also makes a visible difference.
  • Portal gear lifts add stability and height to UTVs. Using a box hub system, users may get a lower center of gravity and up to eight more inches of ground clearance. Additionally, portal gear lifts lighten the load on axles, shocks, and other parts.

When choosing a UTV lift kit, there are a few features to look for. The lift you choose should be compatible with the vehicle, have a height adjustment, and be made of durable, high-quality materials. With the right lift kit, you’ll be able to tackle tough terrain with ease.

Customize Your Off-Road Vehicle with a Lift Kit

Personalizing a UTV with off-road accessories allows an owner to express their personality and style. With the wide availability and versatility of lift kits, it’s easy to make your vehicle unique.

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