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Exploring and Understanding Massage Chairs: Features

You must be hearing a lot about massages via massage chairs, that’s because these personal masseurs are becoming super popular as the work-life has become hectic for people. And since not everyone has the time and finances to visit massage parlors frequently, they turn towards massage ergo chairs, which are (undoubtedly) the future of massage.

Indeed, massage chairs can’t 100% replace the masseur’s massage, but they still do a pretty fantastic job in relaxing the body and working on those stiff knots on your back.

Now, if you are considering getting a massage chair, you must be wondering which features the chair offers and what body areas can you get massaged with these chairs. So, let us tell you about both these things.

Areas Targeted by Massage Chair

Neck and Shoulders

Tension often collects on the neck and shoulders, which, of course, is the courtesy of long hours spent hunched over screens or carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Literally, when we work for longer hours, it feels like someone has put a brick on the top part of our shoulder and neck. Massage chairs delicately knead and soothe these stress-laden areas, melting away knots and restoring mobility with precision.

Back and Lumbar Region

Ah, the back; you know how much our back ensures? Whether it’s from hours spent seated or the strain of physical activity, our backs deserve a break!

This is where massage chairs come in. They offer targeted relief to the back and lumbar region or lower back. Using various techniques to release tension, improve circulation, and relax the back from top to bottom.

Arms and Hands

Your arms and hands work day in and day out throughout the day, yet they often receive little attention when it comes to massage and relaxation (if you think a manicure works once every two months –then that doesn’t count).

Massage chairs come to the rescue, enveloping arms and hands in a cocoon of massagers and rollers. With gentle compression and kneading options, they relax the tired muscles –you’ll feel like your hands are being kneaded by a cat (you know how cats knead, right?)

Legs and Feet

After a long day of standing or walking, our legs and feet yearn for someone who would put them in warm salt water and then rub the tension out of them. But, sadly, that isn’t going to happen unless your partner is compassionate enough to do that for you. Luckily, massage chairs offer to target your feet and legs with air compression and reflexology to improve blood circulation and ease your soreness. Say goodbye to achy legs and hello to happy feet with every session –one step at a time.

Features that Elevate the Experience

You just read about which body areas your massage chair can target and rejuvenate. Now, we are going to discuss what features an excellent massage chair can offer you. We assure you that by the end, you’ll fall in love with massage chairs, and you’ll want to get one ASAP!

Customizable Programs

No two bodies are alike, which is why massage chairs don’t come with just one plan for everyone. Instead, they offer an impressive range of customizable programs to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you want a gentle massage or a massage that shakes your muscles to the core, these chairs cater to all requirements, all day every day.

Heat Therapy

You must have heard to apply hot packs on sore muscles to restore them –heat therapy can improve everything. Few sensations rival the comfort of warmth, especially when it comes to relaxation.

Massage chairs offer heat therapy in their features list, soothing tired muscles and enhancing the overall massage experience. It’s just like getting a warm bath, but better because of the massage that comes with it.

 Fun with Zero Gravity

Inspired by astronauts’ experiences in space, a zero-gravity massage chair offers a fun experience of massage—literally. It reclines the chair into a neutral posture that makes you feel weightless.

It isn’t just for fun because it reduces strain on the spine and improves blood circulation, allowing you to surrender fully to the healing power of massage.

Shiatsu Massage Technique

Massage chairs are built on the basis of Shiatsu massage, which comes from Japanese traditions. In this tradition, the masseur targets specific points in the body (which are the healing points) that lead to the relaxation of the whole body.

This is also what a massage chair does; it applies pressure on specific areas to make your whole body feel rejuvenated.

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