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Explore various interesting things in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful and amazing places. The place is highly known for its relaxed boho vibe and then surf culture, which attracts all types of travelers around the globe. Even though Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, may be a small backpacker town, there are various things to do in place. In addition, the surrounding places will keep you busy for some days exploring waterfalls, surf breaks, wildlife, and so more. In this post, you will find in-depth information about various interesting things to do in the place.

What to know before visiting Santa Teresa?

The finest way to get to Santa Teresa is by renting a car, plane, or transfer. When it comes to visiting places, you have to pick your traveling mode as per your needs and preferences. Santa Teresa is a small place, and you can walk around while you reach it. In case you need to explore its surrounding places, rent a car or motorbike. The most important thing to know is to bring insect repellent as there are lots of mosquitos, specifically for rainy reasons.

Choose a luxury hotel to stay

Exploring various places is fine; also, staying in good accommodation is highly recommended. The luxury hotel at Santa Teresa, with all its specifications, makes your trip more enjoyable and memorableA luxurious stay should be a seamless combination of comfort and top-notch service tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Best Things to do in Santa Teresa

The below-mentioned various best things to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica that consists of;

Get a Surf Lesson

Santa Teresa is one of the top-notch destinations in Costa Rica in order to learn to surf or go for surf, in case you are mastered in the activities. Uncertainty you have ever surfed before and you need to give it a go, it is worth paying for a few lessons to assist you in getting started. Of course, there are various surf schools in town to select the best one.

Visit Montezuma Falls

From Santa Teresa, 45 minutes’ drive, around 5 miles South of Cobano, there may find Montezuma Falls. It is one of the most stunning and amazing waterfalls in Costa Rica. This waterfall is not actually one waterfall; it has three various tiers of waterfalls. When it comes to exploring the place, you have to make sure to watchfully on local wildlife.

Relax on beach

The beaches in Santa Teresa are wide, deep, long, and stunning. There are more places to simply explore and then easily find a spot for the day and to relax. Picnic here is also a good idea and explore various things. The place is lovely and the best way to connect with nature and the ocean and also to meet some new friends.

Watching the sunset

There is no doubt you see many sunsets on the coast of Costa Rica; however, there is something entirely otherworldly regarding the sunset in Santa Teresa, and you don’t have to go far to see it. Take a cup of coffee or any other drink, relax on the beach, and watch the sunset from this stunning coast. The sunsets in Santa Teresa are the most gorgeous ones that you ever think about, and the whole sky glows.


There is nothing that will end the beautiful day with a sunset and horseback ride on the beach. It is common to take this activity here. Of course, various kinds of rising tours start in the Morning and evening from different outfitters over town.

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