Expert’s Advice on Top 9 Cities to Study in USA

Expert’s Advice on Top 9 Cities to Study in USA

The USA is one of the most popular countries for students who want to study abroad. It is known for its quality education and Ivy League colleges. The cities are measured by the number of top colleges and job options. The only problem that arises while study in USA is sky-rising prices due to high tuition fees and living costs. 

While you plan to study abroad, consider some factors to make your journey smooth. The factors to consider are low cost, academic merit and career options. The article helps students make the right decision in picking a place to study abroad. 

Know More About the Best Cities to Study in USA

The first question that comes to every student’s mind is, “Why study in USA?” and the answer is due to its top-ranked colleges. The American education system is known for its practical approach, globally known degrees, and link with top companies. 

Getting admission to top-notch colleges is hard for all the foreign students. Before picking a college based on your needs, you have to pick a city to study in USA. Thus, here we have the top 7 cities that students choose for higher studies and take a look at a detailed analysis of the same. 


Boston is home to many people who are from many parts of the world and has top-ranked colleges with quality education. It has a dynamic culture and several historic buildings. It has a low crime rate and is one of the most powerful city economies. The best career options in cities include the financial sector, tourism, and biotech. The top colleges in Boston are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard and Boston University. 

While planning to study in USA, Boston is a perfect choice where students have several distinct courses. They can choose a course as per their needs and the career options available in the market. 


Chicago is the best place for quality education. It is a hub of some globally known colleges. Apart from tall buildings and beautiful city life, it is one of the best places to live and study in USA. Many students pick Chicago as their study abroad place because of its better living conditions than the other cities in USA.

Chicago is one of the most reputed cities with popular colleges and the best companies to work in. Thus, some renowned colleges in the city are the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois, and Roosevelt University.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the most popular city in the USA, famous for its film and TV industry. It is a well-known spot for holidays because of its beautiful beaches and best restaurants. People from all over the world want to travel to LA at least once due to its diverse culture and iconic places, which are globally known. 

Thus, the city has world-class study institutes, which is why it is the best place to study in USA. The colleges include the University of California, Chapman and California State University. It is the best place to pursue a career in arts. 

New York

New York City is superior in every aspect, such as education, technology, finance and the creative world. It offers a variety of degrees in many areas and has a unique teaching method. They focus on the self-learning of a student. Apart from that, it has world-famous places like Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building. 

It is a “city that never sleeps” and has a happening nightlife. However, the city has some globally known colleges like New York University, Cornell, and Columbia University. It is one of the most urban cities with high cost of living. So, while picking a college, studying the cost factor is crucial.

Washington DC

Washington holds the third position around the globe to offer a wide range of courses, jobs and internships. Students choose bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Washington, DC. It is also the capital city of the USA, which has iconic places like the Supreme Court, White House, etc. It is best for the students who want to study law, journalism and political science.

The city has good colleges like Georgetown, Washington State University and Howard. Washington has the main offices of many government agencies. Study in USA and also getting a job is easy due to the number of government services available in the city.

San Francisco

San Francisco is the best city for students to choose and pursue higher studies in the USA. Schooling in San Francisco is not high, and there are plenty of job options. It is well-known as the main office of Google and Facebook. Study in USA and living there means knowing about new cultures and food and meeting new people. 

The best colleges in the city are Stanford, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State University. Finding a job after completing your studies at a globally renowned college is not hard. It also adds value and foreign working skills to your account.


This city is known for its world-class study for people of all age groups. It has some top-ranked colleges like Georgia State University, Clark Atlanta, etc. The city is rich in culture and has a great history. Atlanta offers a great blend of study and culture with good weather.

It is home to many successful companies like Coca-Cola, Holiday Inn, etc., due to which the working rate in this city is high. It has a low cost of living compared to the other popular cities. 


Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania. Many Indians choose it as their study-abroad city. In addition, it offers a good quality of life and a chance to study in top colleges. It has a high cost of living and tuition fees, but it also provides quality of life and study. 

Pittsburgh is a hub, and careers like IT, health care and biosciences are in demand. The top colleges in Pittsburgh include the University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon Institute is part of the list. It is also viewed by the top companies. 


Miami is a world-famous tourist spot, but it is also the best place for higher studies. With several options and a rapidly changing market, this city has a lot to offer. It has many colleges with unique courses. 

There are many top colleges in Miami, such as the University of Miami and Florida International University. Thus, the city offers most options in arts, entertainment and hospitality, which helps students get the experience of a lifetime.


If you are planning to study in the USA, then the cities mentioned above are the best. It will take your career to different heights. Before picking a city to study, you need to first gather data about it. Studying in the USA has its benefits, and it opens the way to many new career options. This article answers your question, “Why study in USA?”. However, thorough research and an informed decision will take you a long way.

If you want any support about the study abroad journey, you can connect with the consultants of They will guide you about your career, country and job options available. The agents are the best guides and support during your study abroad journey.

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