Everything You Need to Know about Mission Critical Power Panel

When it comes to mission-critical power distribution systems, LayerZero Power Systems is the go-to expert for Mission critical power panel(eRPPs). In order to provide three-phase electrical power and circuit breaker protection without interruption, LayerZero power panels are necessary. Designed with a focus on safety, connectivity, dependability, and monitoring, LayerZero Power Panels provide dependable power distribution for a range of sectors.

A variety of Mission critical power panel devices are available from LayerZero Power Systems to cater to various power distribution requirements:

  • Web-enabled power panels, often known as eRPPs, provide secure and dependable power distribution with selective-trip coordination. Enabling efficient row-level distribution, eRPPs can support up to 168 branch breakers. The Ethernet connectivity and flexible top and bottom cable entry options enable easy installation and remote power control.
  • With their small, wall-mounted design, web-enabled panel boards (ePanels) are ideal for power distribution systems that aim to provide server racks with continuous power. Either the top or bottom cable entrance is available with ePanels, and they can support up to eighty-four branch breakers. Ethernet connectivity, waveform recording, and branch circuit monitoring enable efficient local and remote power management.

LayerZeroMission critical power panelassures businesses that their power distribution systems are secure, reliable, connected, and monitored. These panels are essential for protecting vital infrastructure and ensuring ongoing operation in many different industries due to their superior features and capabilities.

eRPPs Increase Operator Safety in Critical Facilities
When it comes to LayerZero Mission critical power panel, safety is paramount. The revolutionary SafePanelTM design completely encases the circuit breaker connections in a recessed well, ensuring finger-safe operation. This design ensures the safety of personnel by minimising the risk of an arc flash when disconnecting live conductors.
With its IP-20, finger-safe panel board, the Series 70 eRPP prevents probes with a diameter of ½” (12.5mm) from penetrating the device. The Series 70 eRPP completely protects operators from accidental contact with live conductors.

As an added safety feature, the SafePanel design keeps any possible arc within the connection. This occurs as a result of the components’ extreme separation from one another. Removing a branch breaker would not harm personnel because the arc would still be contained due to the extreme separation of the components.

The NFPA-70E standards are the basis for LayerZero Power Panels’ product design, which ensures the highest level of electrical safety. Because of this, electrical risks and accidents, which can cause severe harm or even death, are less likely to occur.

The Goal of eRPP Design Is to Increase Power Dependability
LayerZero Mission critical power panel provides an all-inclusive solution that improves dependability and security. Specialised trip coordination is an important characteristic that ensures a precise circuit shutdown when a breaker trips. With Selective Trip Coordination, power is selectively cut off to just the impacted circuit while upstream devices continue to receive power. Because even a short interruption can have far-reaching effects, this feature is especially vital in mission-critical areas like data centres. Protecting critical infrastructure from power interruptions, LayerZero Power Panels provide constant and uninterrupted power delivery.

Two new features within the LayerZeroeRPP (Web-Enabled Remote Power Panel) architecture increase dependability even more. Firstly, these panels are designed to be user-friendly, providing ease of use. A completely enclosed bus is a feature of the eRPP panel board. The use of non-conducting screws to firmly attach branch breakers into IP-20 (finger-safe) wells greatly decreases the possibility of mishaps or electrical risks.

The addition of Selective Trip Coordination capabilities is the second way LayerZeroeRPPs improve reliability. In order to provide Selective Trip Coordination up to 35 kAIC at 208 volts, the Series 70 eRPP circuit breakers undergo extensive testing. To efficiently contain and address difficulties up to 35,000 AIC, the branch breaker trips before the main breaker under fault conditions in the event of a downstream fault. Applications requiring critical power distribution solutions may rest certain that LayerZeroeRPPs are safe and dependable thanks to these two reliability advances.

Organisations can get many benefits from LayerZero Mission critical power panel, such as:

  • Improved security: Staff members are better protected thanks to the finger-safe design and conformity with industry requirements.
  • Greater dependability: less chance of interruptions and power outages thanks to selective trip coordination and constant power supply.
  • Better connection: With Ethernet and Bluetooth, you can access it from a distance and check the power condition in real time.
  • Comprehensive monitoring: Waveform capture and recorded photos offer useful information for proactive troubleshooting and issue solutions, ensuring comprehensive monitoring.
  • Reduced risk of power outages: Reliable power distribution enables the seamless operation of key infrastructure and minimises downtime, reducing the danger of power outages.

If you’re having trouble with power-related issues, our Power Services section has a special team of creative engineers that can assist you. Electricity is our specialty, and they are also experts in troubleshooting and maintenance. A diverse range of influential people make up our team of engineers. Their lineage includes data center facilities, nuclear submarines, generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and producers of custom switchgear.

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