ERP – A viable solution for growing businesses by The GuruWay

Every small business commences with the objective to reach a peak point of growth, right? So, for ever-changing growing needs of a business require suitable solutions to meet various functional aspects. That’s why the implementation of sound systems is crucial to replace old business models for effective operations. ERP is the best business software beyond QuickBooks and Shopify which can integrate with e-commerce business. It can also prove a broader resource for businesses to plan and manage finances than only using accounting software like QuickBooks to record transactions.

Why and how ERP system is better for growing businesses?

Enterprise Resource Planning software is designed to manage many critical processes of businesses. It places accounting and fiscal recordings of businesses in the first place. But it works beyond just helping businesses to have streamlined accounting. An ERP system also serves businesses with inventory management, CRM solutions, point-of-sale, invoicing, and more. Therefore, it is considered superior software to QuickBooks and Shopify. These systems are only capable to focus on single business aspects like accounting and e-commerce. But our ERP offers an entire bouquet serving a variety of needs for businesses in a single place.

QuickBooks Vs. ERP system

QuickBooks is serving businesses as simple accounting software to record fiscal transactions. Whereas ERP is a system that embraces all aspects of running a business virtually. Regardless of business size whether small or large, this system can make all the difference. An ERP system can be used as a more productive alternatives to QuickBooks and Shopify as it can also deal with inventory management or warehousing which is an important business aspect outside the scope of accounting. ERP also has comprehensive capabilities for managing and automating these tasks. The system also integrates human resource, CRM, and supply chain for businesses.

Shopify Vs. ERP system

Shopify is itself a platform that helps businesses to create e-commerce stores to sell stuff online. But it has many limitations which make it helpless to fulfill the growing needs of businesses. As an example, Shopify cannot drive traffic to the online store to sell products. But when it is integrated into an ERP system like GuruWay, it can meet the various needs of your online store as a growing business. First of all, its CRM integration helps you to store the data of customers and can manage repetitive tasks efficiently. Therefore, ERP is a validated superior software to QuickBooks and Shopify.

Give a try to ERP solution

At The GuruWay, we are providing this seamless e-commerce integration software at affordable prices. If your business needs are growing, we can update your business with this intuitive business operation model. Business Software beyond QuickBooks and Shopify makes every process of your business more transparent, efficient, and quick. Thus, sign in for checking the prices and features of our ERP plans and choose the best one for your business suite. You can also call us or book a free trial of the ERP system.

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