Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is Not Just About Sex

Erection is not a mysterious occurrence. At a young age, an erection occurs randomly, and it is a reason for shame. But as we grow old, we understand that erection is deeply connected with masculinity and personal identity. 

Erection occurs when the appropriate time comes. It depends on factors like age and puberty. However, erection is not so much related to puberty. 

Man’s relationship with erection is complicated. There are numerous occurrences when people get random erections. And when they want to keep one, they can’t. 

Many causes, like anxiety or hormonal balance, can hinder the ability to acquire an erection. People naturally hesitate to speak about their problem with the best sexologist in Amritsar

Consulting with a reputable doctor can improve your intimate life. 

Erection is the prime focus of men for expressing sexual affection and pleasure. Remember, erections are not necessary for orgasm or sexual enjoyment. When they learn that they may still have an orgasm and feel sexual pleasure even when they are unable to get an erection, many guys are taken aback. 

Most men self-discover the problem of erectile dysfunction. Sudden strikes of erectile dysfunction occur mostly from cancer, prostate cancer treatment or any kind of trauma. Pleasure can be experienced with a flaccid penis, but an individual would not be able to do sexual activity with his partner without an erection. 

You might be wondering how it feels to have pleasure without an erection. It feels totally different. The muscular contractions are negligible. Males feel orgasm but slightly less intensely. 

But some males experience more pleasure in their entire groin area with a flaccid penis. 

Orgasm with a loose and hanging penis is better than no ejaculation or orgasm at all.

Penetrative intercourse is not impossible without an erection. But one can find fulfilling sexual activity with a sense of exploration and proper sex education. Men have to find different ways to stimulate the penis. Unable to achieve erection changes the approach to stroking the penis. 

Being creative becomes crucial when people find new ways to arouse their penis because of their higher intensity. Body massager vibrators are advised for comfort, and lubrication is necessary. With practice, it becomes worthwhile to explore the technique of wrapping the flaccid penis around the vibrating head and applying focused pressure at the frenulum.

It is important to address any potential discomfort or shame. Because of what society expects of them, men might be reluctant to let their partners touch their flaccid penis. It can be freeing, though, to accept the softer, different experience. Oral sex on a flaccid penis is a popular sexual activity among partners who like its unique dynamics and gentle nature.

Erectile dysfunction is neither a matter of shame nor fun. If you know anyone who is going through this problem, then the best you can do is give him moral and emotional support. 

This mental support helps men to make better decisions about their intimate health. 
Consulting with a doctor about erectile dysfunction treatment in Ludhiana will bring you closer to your fulfilling, intimate life.

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